U.S. Civil War
Table of Contents

State Unit Histories
(From Dyer's Compendium of the War of the Rebellion, 1908 Edition)

(Zip File of the Histories from Dyers for easy Downloading – 1.32 MB ZIP)

Alabama Infantry (US)
Alabama Cavalry (US)
Alabama Artillery (US)

Arkansas Infantry (US)
Arkansas Cavalry (US)
Arkansas Artillery (US)

California Infantry (US)
California Cavalry (US)

Colorado Infantry (US)
Colorado Cavalry (US)
Colorado Artillery (US)

Connecticut Infantry (US)
Connecticut Cavalry (US)
Connecticut Artillery (US)

Dakota Terr. Cavalry (US)

Delaware Infantry (US)
Delaware Cavalry (US)
Delaware Artillery (US)

Distr. of Col. Infantry (US)
Distr. of Col. Cavalry (US)

Florida Cavalry (US)

Georgia Infantry (US)

Illinois Infantry (US)
Illinois Cavalry (US)
Illinois Artillery (US)

Indiana Infantry (US)
Indiana Cavalry (US)
Indiana Artillery (US)

Iowa Infantry (US)
Iowa Cavalry (US)
Iowa Artillery (US)

Kansas Infantry (US)
Kansas Cavalry (US)
Kansas Artillery (US)

Kentucky Infantry (US)
Kentucky Cavalry (US)
Kentucky Artillery (US)

Louisania Infantry (US)
Louisania Cavalry (US)
Louisania Artillery (US)

Maine Infantry (US)
Maine Cavalry (US)
Maine Artillery (US)

Maryland Infantry (US)
Maryland Cavalry (US)
Maryland Artillery (US)

Massachusetts Infantry (US)
Massachusetts Cavalry (US)
Massachusetts Artillery (US)

Michigan Infantry (US)
Michigan Cavalry (US)
Michigan Artillery (US)

Minnesota Infantry (US)
Minnesota Cavalry (US)
Minnesota Artillery (US)

Mississippi Infantry (US)
Mississippi Cavalry (US)
Mississippi Artillery (US)

Missouri Infantry (US)
Missouri Cavalry (US)
Missouri Artillery (US)

Nebraska Infantry (US)
Nebraska Cavalry (US)

Nevada Infantry (US)
Nevada Cavalry (US)

New Hampshire Infantry (US)
New Hampshire Cavalry (US)
New Hampshire Artillery (US)

New Jersey Infantry (US)
New Jersey Cavalry (US)
New Jersey Artillery (US)

New Mexico Infantry (US)
New Mexico Cavalry (US)

New York Infantry (US)
New York Cavalry (US)

New York Artillery (US)

North Carolina Infantry (US)
North Carolina Artillery (US)

Ohio Infantry (US)
Ohio Cavalry (US)
Ohio Artillery (US)

Oregon Infantry (US)
Oregon Cavalry (US)

Pennsylvania Infantry (US)
Pennsylvania Cavalry (US)
Pennsylvania Artillery (US)

Rhode Island Infantry (US)
Rhode Island Cavalry (US)
Rhode Island Artillery (US)

South Carolina Infantry (US)

Tennessee Infantry (US)
Tennessee Cavalry (US)
Tennessee Artillery (US)

Texas Infantry (US)
Texas Cavalry (US)

Vermont Infantry (US)
Vermont Cavalry (US)
Vermont Artillery (US)

Virginia Infantry (US)

Washington Terr. Infantry (US)

West Virginia Infantry (US)
West Virginia Cavalry (US)
West Virginia Artillery (US)

Wisconsin Infantry (US)
Wisconsin Cavalry (US)
Wisconsin Artillery (US)

Federal Unit Histories
(From Dyer's Compendium of the War of the Rebellion, 1908 Edition)

U.S. Regular Army, Infantry
U.S. Regular Army, Cavalry
U.S. Regular Army, Artillery

U.S. Colored Troops, Infantry
U.S. Colored Troops, Cavalry
U.S. Colored Troops, Artillery

U.S. Corps de Afrique, Infantry
U.S. Corps de Afrique, Cavalry
U.S. Corps de Afrique, Artillery

U.S. Volunteers, Infantry
U.S. Vet. Volunteers, Infantry

Indian Infantry (US)

Military District Histories (US)

Federal Unit Histories
(From Dyer's Compendium of the War of the Rebellion, 1908 Edition)

Battles, District of Columbia

Statistics of the Civil War

Unit count from each State (Union) from Dyers
Battle Count (by State) from Dyers

Documents of the Civil War

President, U.S.
        Abraham Lincoln's Call For Troops; April 15, 1861
        Abraham Lincoln’s Proclamation of Amnesty for AWOL Troops; March 10 1863 (PDF)

War Department, U.S.
        General Order Number 58 of March 10, 1863 (Implementing Lincoln’s Proclamation for AWOL Troops) (PDF)
        General Order Number 100 of April 24, 1863 (The Lieber Code)
        General Order Number 143 of May 22 1863 (Authorizing US Colored Troops) (687~ kb PDF)
        General Order Number 297 of December 3, 1864 (Creating XXV Corps)

1st Brigade, 2d Division, 23d Army Corps, U.S.
        General Order No. 23 of July 30, 1863 (1.24 MB PDF)

Army of Virginia, U.S.
        General Order No. 5 of July 18, 1862
        General Order No. 7 of July 1862
        General Order No. 11 of July 23, 1862
        General Order No. 19 of August 14, 1862

South Atlantic Blockading Squadron
        Order No. 2 of January 7, 1864 (1~ MB PNG)

Grand Army of the Republic
        General Order No. 11 of 5 May 1868 (Establishing Memorial Day)

Secondary Sources

Civil War Naval Ordnance” by Eugene B. Canfield (DANFS)