Notable Mexican War Battles

Names, Locations, Dates, and Descriptions are from “An Alphabetical List of the Battles of the War of the Rebellion, With Dates”, Revised by Newton A. Strait; published 1878.





Buena Vista


22-23 February 1847

Fought between 4,759 Americans, under Gen. Taylor, and 18,000 Mexicans, under Santa Anna. The Mexicans were repulsed. Loss: American; 267 killed, 456 wounded. Mexican; unknown.

Cerro Gordo


17 April 1847

Fought between 8,000 Americans, under Gen. Scott, and 15,000 Mexicans under Gen. Santa Anna. Mexicans routed with terrible loss : 6,000 taken prisoners. Loss : American; about 42 killed and 250 wounded.

El Embubo

New Mexico

29 January 1847

Fought between 180 Americans, under Capts. Burgwin and St. Vrain, and a small force of Mexicans. Loss : American; 1 killed, 1 wounded. Mexican; 20 killed, 60 wounded.

La Canada

New Mexico

24 January 1847

Fought between 290 Americans, under Col. Price, and nearly 2,000 Mexicans. The Mexicans were defeated. Loss: American; 3 killed, and 6 wounded. Mexican; 36 killed.

Los Angelos


8 January 1847

Fought between 600 Americans, under Gen. Kearney, and about the same number of Mexicans. The latter were defeated. Loss : American; 20 killed and wounded. Mexican; 80 do. do.

(storming of)

New Leon

21-23 September 1846

The town and works were armed with 42 pieces of cannon, and manned with a Mexican force of 7,000 troops of the line, and from 2,000 to 3,000 irregulars, under Gen. Ampudia. Gen. Taylor attacked the place, and took it, with an American force of 6,645 men. Loss: Mexican; 700 killed and wounded. American; 120 killed, and 368 wounded.

Palo Alto


8 May 1846

Fought and won by 2,288 American regulars under Gçn. Taylor, against 6,000 Mexicans, under Gen. Arista. Loss : Mexican; 400 killed and wounded. American; 9 killed, 44 wounded, and 2 missing.

Besaca de la Palma


9 May 1846

,Fought between 6.500 Mexicans, under Gen, Arista, and 1,700 U. S. Regulars, under Gen. Taylor. The Mexicans were totally routed. Loss: Mexican; 600 killed and wounded. American ; 39 killed, and 82 wounded.



28 February 1847

Fought between 924 Missouri volunteers, under Col. Doniphan, and 3,700 Mexicans. The Americans were victorious. Loss: American; 1 killed, 11 wounded. Mexican; 300 killed, 500 wounded.

San Pasqual

Upper California

6 December 1846

Fought between 100 U. S. Dragoons, under Gen. Kearney, and 160 Mexican lancers, under Col. Andrea Pico. Mexicans routed with heavy loss. American loss; 19 killed and 6 wounded.


New Mexico

4 February 1847

About 300 Americans, under Col. Price, assaulted and defeated a considerable body of Mexicans and Tndians, who were fortified in the houses and churches of El Pueblo de Taos. Loss: American ; 15 killed, 38 wounded. Mexican; 150 killed and wounded.

Vera Cruz
(bombardment of)

Vera Cruz

19-21 March 1847

Invested on land by Gen. Scott, with 11,000 Americans, and on water by Com. Perry, in command of U. S. Squadron. Capitulates after a bombardment of 3.5 days. Loss: American; 15 killed,and 57 wounded. Mexican; 500 killed and wounded.