Continental Navy Ship Names
Created 5 April 2017

Taken from Wikipedia as a starting point (I know, I know) until I can source a reliable source.

The numbers in parenthesizes (x) indicate the number of ships with that name that served in the Continental Navy.

USS Alfred
USS Alliance
USS America
USS Baltimore
USS Bonhomme Richard
USS Boston (x2)
USS Bourbon
USS Cabot
USS Champion
USS Columbus
USS Confederacy
USS Congress (x2)
USS Deane
USS Delaware
USS Duc de Lauzun
USS Effingham
USS Enterprise
USS Franklin
USS General Gates
USS Hancock
USS Hannah
USS Harrison
USS Hornet
USS Independence
USS Lady Washington
USS Lee (x2)
USS Lexington
USS Lynch
USS Montgomery
USS Morris
USS Mosquito (x2)
USS New Haven
USS New York
USS Providence (x3)
USS Queen of France
USS Raleigh
USS Randolph
USS Ranger
USS Reprisal
USS Revenge
USS Royal Savage
USS Sachem
USS Saratoga
USS Spitfire (x2)
USS Trumbull (x2)
USS Virginia
USS Warren
USS Washington (x4)
USS Wasp
USS Yankee Hero