OCTOBER 1, 1941


Names with a belligerent ring hereafter will mark the fighting planes of the Navy, on orders of the Secretary of the Navy.

The orders, issued today, supplant for popular use the prosaic letter-numeral designations heretofore characteristic of Navy plane identification for such colorful titles as "Wildcat", "Corsair", "Kingfisher", etc.

The new titles will be for popular use, the Secretary explained, and the old designations will remain in force and unchanged for all official correspondence and dispatches.

Here is the list of names and the corresponding original designation:


Brewster F2A to be known as "Buffalo"
Grumman F4F to be known as "Wildcat"
Vought F4U to be known as "Corsair".

Observation Scouts:

Curtiss SO3C to be known as "Seagull"
Navy OS2N and the Vought OS2U to be known as "Kingfishers".

Scout Bombers:

Brewster SB2A to be known as "Buccaneer"
Curtiss SB2C to be known as "Helldiver"
Douglas SBD to be known as "Dauntless"
Vought SB2U to be known as "Vindicator".

Patrol Bombers:

Boeing PBB to be known as "Sea Ranger"
Martin PBM to be known as "Mariner"
Consolidated PBY to be known as "Catalina"
Consolidated PB2Y to be known as "Coronado"

Torpedo Bombers:

Douglas TBD to be known as "Devastator"
Grumman TBF to be known as "Avenger".

In the case of airplanes built serially, the last numeral of the standard designation may be added to distinguish between modifications, thus F4F-3 may be designated "Wildcat III" and F4F-4 may be designated "Wildcat IV".

* * *