"ITEM S-11" Ship Preliminary Design History and Data Files, 1908-66

Creator: Shipbuilding Division. Preliminary Design Branch.

Series: Records Relating to Motor Torpedo Boat Design Competition, 1938-1940

Entry P 20 (formerly Entry UD 1021-Y).

FRC Transfer 69A1293.
Declassification Project NND 974382.
ARC ID 1174288.
Boxes 1-2. (Letter Archives Box, Standard)
Location: 470/01/10/00.

Date Note: The bulk of the records in this series date from 1938.

Arrangement: Arranged by subject.

Scope & Content: This series consists of correspondence, memorandums, technical notes, photographs, drawings, and other documentation relating to a design competition for new 54-foot and 70-foot motor torpedo boat (MTB or PT-Boat) designs. The Federal Government issued an invitation for competitive design on July 11, 1938, which closed on September 30, 1938. Twenty-one designers submitted applications for the 54-foot boats, and 13 submitted applications for the 70-foot boats. The competition also requested designs for 110-foot wooden hull and 165-foot steel hull submarine chasers, but most of the records in the series pertain to the motor torpedo boat competition, and a few documents pertain to 45-foot aircraft rescue boats.

Box 1:

High Speed Motor Boat Conferences with Mr. George F. Crouch, 1938 Models 1,2 and 3, 1938
Design Competition Record of Receipt of Application and Action Taken, 1938
Design Competition Questions and Answers, 1938
Design Competition Papers, Memos, etc., 1938
High Speed Motor Torpedo Boat General Correspondence Prior to Competition, 1938
Schemes 5 and 6, 1938

Box 2:

Model Boat Tests (25' Models), 1939 [1938-1939] [Folder 1 of 2]
Model Boat Tests (25' Models), 1939 [1938-1939] [Folder 2 of 2]
45' Aircraft Rescue Boats History, 1939 [1938-1939]
Model Boat Tests - 45' Aircraft Rescue Boats Power and Form, 1939 [1938-1940]
Model No. 8 (Round Bottom Lapstraked Hull from Designer B-326), 1939 [1938-1939]
Model No. 9 (Aluminum Hull Developed from No. 3 Lines), 1938 [1939-1939] [Folder 1 of 2]
Model No. 9 (Aluminum Hull Developed from No. 3 Lines), 1938 [1939-1939] [Folder 2 of 2]
Bidders on Design Competition Boats, 1938