RG 19

"ITEM S-70"


SERIES: Ship Characteristics Cards, ca. 1944-1956

Entry P 22 (former Entry UD 1054);
FRC Transfer 15975
ARC ID 1184615
Declassification Project NND 974382

Arrangement: Arranged by ship hull designation.

Scope & Content: This series consists of standard forms upon which were record basic data about individual Navy ships at particular times. Information typically recorded included the following: ship name; the organization to which the ship was assigned; operational status and state of readiness; the name of the builder and dates of construction; standard measurements such as displacement, draft, length and beam; officer and crew complement; type and numbers of boats and floats; data on engines, boilers, generators, evaporators, compressors, refrigeration and distilling plants; data on fuel and lubricating oils; data on supplies and stores; and information on small arms and ammunition retained on board. For combatant vessels such as aircraft carriers, the forms typically record the type and amount of ordnance (guns, mounts, shells, bombs, rockets) on board, and also data on ammunition and aircraft elevators.

Date Note: Most documents in this series date from 1951-1955.

Boxes 1-20; Location: 470/30/19/6-20/2


Box 1: AD-15 - AK-259
Box 2: AKA-3 - AO-145
Box 3: AOG-1 -- APA-240
Box 4: APB-35 - ARP-12
Box 5: ARC-1 - ASR-20
Box 6: ATA-120 - CVA-50
Box 7: CVE-1 - CVU-124
Box 8: IX-25 - LSFF-1083
Box 9: LSIL-543 - LSM-424
Box 10: LSM-441 -LSSL-80
Box 11:LSSL-81 -- LST-1038
Box 12: LST-1057 - MSC-124
Box 13: MSC-125 – MSF-129
Box 14: MSF-130 - MSO-504
Box 15: PC-461 - PCE-1608
Box 16: PCER-849 - YFN-1191
Box 17: YGN-1 -- YP-651
Box 18: YPD-2 - YTB-300
Box 19: YTB-301 - YTL-500
Box 20: YTL-501 - YWN-154