NC-4 Collection
LAST UPDATED: 23 January 2003

BOX LABELS: Purple/Purple

This collection consists of 13 acid free boxes. It includes some primary records but the majority of the records are secondary sources. The collection is approximately 8 linear feet.

Box 1 Documentation

Bibliographies & Sources
Naval messages & sources, Misc.
Portugal, supporting material
Celebration following the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, Misc.
"Truculent Turtle" (1949 Meranal Flight)
25th Anniversary Celebration
27th Anniversary Celebration

Box 2 Photos

NC-flying boats at NAS Rockaway, New York
NC-flying boats at Trepassey Bay, Newfoundland
Ships that participated in support of the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean
The actual crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, 8-31 May 1919, Misc.
The arrival at Horta & then Ponta Delpada, Azores 17 May 1919 & after (also, some additional shots, including WWI)
The arrival in Lisboa, Portugal
Celebrations following the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean

Box 3 Aircraft Documentation

NC-1, Misc.
NC-3, Misc.
Aircraft, Misc. (design, etc-also see plus in Art)
NC-flying boats, Misc.
Aircraft, History between the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean and the 50th Anniversary restoration

Box 4 Aircraft Photos

NC-1, Misc.
NC-2, Misc.
NC-3, Misc.
NC-4, Misc.
Aircraft, NC-flying boats, Misc. (folder 1)
Aircraft, NC-flying boats, Misc. (folder 2)
Aircraft, NC-flying boats, Misc. (folder 3)
Aircraft, NC-flying boats, Misc. (folder 4)
Aircraft, Negatives

Box 5 Documentation, Photos

Personnel, Misc. Documentation
Personnel, Misc. (see also celebrations) Photos

Box 6 Media

Press Releases & News (both Naval and Civil)
NAN Articles & Information
Articles, Misc.
Newspapers, Misc.

Box 7 Books & Publications

First Across! The U.S. Navy's Transatlantic Flight of 1919, Richard K. Smith
The Flight Across the Atlantic, Issued by the Dept. of Education
Flight of the NC-4, U.S. Naval Photographic Center
On the Other Side of the Pond, Clarke Van Vleet
Progress in Naval Aircraft, Cdr. J.C. Hunsiker
The Triumph of the NC's, Cdr. G.C. Westervelt, Cdr. H.C. Richardson, and LCdr. A.C. Read

Box 8 Art

Aircraft drawings & plans
NC-flying boats, plans & drawings
Charts & Maps, Misc.
Art, Misc.
Oversized Colletion
Special Collection (awards, cartoons, plagues, etc.)
Excerpt from the New York Times, Sunday 4 May 1919

Box 9 Restoration

Recreation for the 75th Anniversary of Naval Aviation, 1986
Naval messages & sources
U.S. Navy NC-4 50th Anniversary first transatlantic flight 1919-1969 pamphlet (+2 copies)

Box 10 - 50th Anniversary Navy NC-4 1919-1969 First Transatlantic Flight (Special Collection)

Box 11 - Final Report of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the First Transatlantic Flight by the Navy NC-4

Box 12 Slides Collection

Slide Captions
Slide Collection I
Slide Collection II