Yield (kt)
5,000 PSI r
1,000 PSI r
300 PSI r
100 PSI r
20 PSI r
10 PSI r
5 PSI r
3 PSI r
1 PSI r
Ionizing Radiation
Tenthing Distance
10,000 Rad r
1,000 Rad r
100 Rad r
10 Rad r
1 Rad r
HOB for no Local Fallout (-30%)
HOB for no Local Fallout
HOB for no Local Fallout (+30%)
Fireball Duration
Fireball Min r
Fireball Airbst r
Fireball Groundbst r
Thermal Radiation
1 Burn (3 cal/cm2)
2 Burn (5 cal/cm2)
3 Burn (8 cal/cm2)
(25 cal/cm2)
(50 cal/cm2)
(100 cal/cm2)

Optimized for a 320 x 480 screen, as that's what the G1 has, and I have one.
r is used as shorthand for radius.
is used as shorthand for "degree"; as in 1 Burn = '1st Degree Burn'.

All figures assume optimum burst height for device; and the HOB for no local fallout is merely an approximation which can be off by as much as 30%; and while there may be local fallout; it will be at levels acceptable under emergency conditions.

Programmed by Ryan Crierie, based off a nuclear weapons calculator by Michael Wong, with special thanks to Michael Wilson for helping me with the value increment buttons for the mobile version.