Aircraft Design Iterations
A Humorous Look

(1 May 2016)


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Stage 1

The new bomber is streamlined like a fish.

Stage 2

The loss of speed of just 8 km/h is more than justified by the better view for the crew, who now can see when the enemy attacks from the rear.

Stage 3

The loss of speed of just 8 km/h due to the enlarged bomb bay is insignificant.

Stage 4

If the aircraft should be able to defend itself, it has to do this in all directions – cruising speed is reduced by a further 8 km/h.

Stage 5

Navigational aids are necessary, of course.

Stage 6

Radio communication is one of the key requirements. All components are installed one after the other and cruising speed isn't reduced by more than 8 km/h.

Stage 7

If the fitting of a simple device can save just one aircraft, without losing more than a few km/h, it is worth it!

Stage 8

If the construction of the aircraft can be improved by simplification, two aircraft can be built, instead of just one. By fitting new radial engines, the loss of speed can be reduced to just 8 km/h.