About the
“Big Book of Warfare...and other stuff”

The Big Book of Warfare...and other stuff’s genesis was a few years ago, when I realized the following:

Originally, the plan was to publish the Big Book of Warfare in a spiral-bound format at Lulu.com, for about $20 bucks; but since then, I've decided to maintain it as an online reference work, in the same vein as Project Rho's Atomic Rocket website.

FOOTNOTE: Ironically, the name “Big Book of Warfare” was suggested as a joke on Star Destroyer Net by the user Starglider while this reference work was still in private development, and Starglider didn't know that I already had picked BBOW as an interim name:

Chris OFarrell wrote:
Of course, they [Demons from Hell] might rob a bookstore or four and walk away with every Jane's publication in the last decade for the same effect.

Starglider wrote:
I doubt that would be terribly useful without a lot of cultural and technological context the demons don't have. “The Big Book of Warfare (ages 8 to 12)” * would probably be more useful.

* I suspect Shep likes to donate copies of this to grade school libraries.