Convair (General Dynamics)
Badge Colors circa 1960~

(Updated 14 April 2013)

NASA JSC Oral History Transcript of Rob R. Tillett on 7 March 2000:

The last year I was at Convair—I should say General Dynamics—I was project engineer. I was booted upstairs and became a red badge. Convair had a badge system that you could just glance at a guy and tell how far up he was in the organization. They had solid-color badges for the hourly people, and they were either, what were they, they were white, green or—gosh, what was the other color? I don't remember what the other color was. That was for the three different shifts, because it was an around-the-clock operation, seven days a week.

Then the professional people wore a candy-striped badge, just a little round badge with red and white diagonal stripes across it. So everybody knew, well, that's an engineer or, you know, something like that. Supervision wore a solid-red badge. Project engineers were considered supervision, although we didn't supervise anybody, but we were—I guess "management" is a better term. We were in management. Then the blue badges were corporate people.