Design Bureaus

Notes: The Russian translation of OKB is ОКБ if you want to go look for it on the internet. Be warned to have your anti virus shields and firewalls up; as the Russian internet can be a bit skeevy at times.

OKB Number and Name

Acronym on Products

Specialization and Notes


Po (ПO)


Broken up in 1944, and absorbed into OKB-301 Lavochkin.

S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation
(or RKK Energiya)

Unknown or never got one.

Spacecraft and Launch Vehicles.

(NPO Novator)

Long Range SAMs.

OKB-23 Myasishchev

M (М)

OKB-45 Klimov

Aircraft Engines.

OKB-49 Beriev

Be (Бе)

OKB-51 Sukhoi

Su (Су)

OKB-52 Chelomei

Spacecraft, ICBMs

OKB-115 Yakovlev

Yak (Як)

OKB-134 Vympel
(NPO Vympel)

Guided Missiles, most notably Air-to-Air and Surface-to-Air.

OKB-153 Antonov

An (Ан)

OKB-155 Mikoyan-Gureyich

MiG (МиГ)

OKB-156 Tupolev

Tu (Ту)

OKB-165 Lyulka
(NPO Saturn)

Aircraft Engines.

OKB-23 Petlyakov/Myasishchev

Pe (Пе)

OKB-256 Tsybin

Tsy (TCЫ)

OKB-276 Kuznetsov

Aircraft Engines. Known for it's NK series engines.

OKB-300 Tumansky

Aircraft Engines.

OKB-301 Lavochkin

La (Ла)

OKB-329 Mil
(Oboronprom Corp)

Mil (Миль)

OKB-385 Makeev

Submarine launched ICBMs

OKB-938 Kamov