Calculating Tensile Stress

The formula is

Tensile Stress = Force / Cross Sectional Area

Tensile Stress: Megapascals (Mpa)
Force: Newtons (N)
Cross Sectional Area: Square millimeters (mm2)

We have a 4,543.325 newton force acting on a 305 Stainless Steel (annealed) wire with a cross sectional area of 39.25 mm2.

Can the wire stand that force without breaking?

4,543.325 Newtons / 39.25 mm2 = 115.75 Megapascals

Because 305 Stainless Steel (annealed), wire as listed on has a tensile yield stress of 325 Megapascals, the wire can hold the force in mid-air with a safety factor of 2.8.

325 Megapascals / 115.75 Megapascals = 2.8 Safety Factor