Union Civil War Flags
by Ryan Crierie

The following flag images were created by me from various source materials for my Flag Mod for Matrix Games' Forge of Freedom.

Army-Level Flags

Army of the Potomac HQ

United States Colored Troops HQ

Ambrose Burnside's HQ Flag

Sherman's HQ Flag

Department of the Cumberland HQ Flag

Army of the Ohio HQ Flag

Army of Tennessee HQ Flag

Corps-Level Flags

1st Corps (I)

14th Corps (XIV)
(Army of Cumberland)

2nd Corps (II)

15th Corps (XV)

3rd Corps (III)

16th Corps (XVI)

4th Corps (IV)

17th Corps (XVII)

4th Corps (IV)
(Army of Cumberland)

18th Corps (XVIII)

5th Corps (V)

19th Corps (XIX)

6th Corps (VI)

20th Corps (XX)

7th Corps (VII)

21st Corps (XXI)

8th Corps (VIII)

22nd Corps (XXII)

9th Corps (IX)

23rd Corps (XXIII)

10th Corps (X)

24th Corps (XXIV)

11th Corps (XI)

25th Corps (XXV)

12th Corps (XII)

No Badge Was Designed

13th Corps (XIII)