AN/ASG Series Radars



Type: Fire Control Search and Tracking Radar
Manufacturer: Hughes
Installation: 41 separate units weighing about 2,100 pounds.
NATO Band: I Band (9350-9400 MHz)
Pulse Repetition Frequency: 980 to 1020 pps
Pulse Repetition Interval 980.392 to 1020.408 microseconds
Pulse Duration: 0.150 to 0.250 microseconds
Elevation +/- 45 degrees
Antenna Diameter 40 Inches
Peak Power: 12 kW
Average Power: 3 kW
Range: 90% Chance of Detection of a 10m2 target at 100 nautical miles (goal)

Notes: Originally designed for F-108 Rapier, then reworked into F-12 Blackbird program; then after cancellation of that program, eventually evolved into the AN/AWG-9 system found on the F-14 Tomcat. Was the first pulse-doppler radar in the United States; and had a look-down/shoot-down capability for a single target track.


Type: Fire Control, Multipurpose
Manufacturer: Westinghouse
IEEE Band: X Band (9375 MHz)
NATO Band: I Band
Power: 75 or 90 kW
Range: 80 miles

Notes: “Thunderstick” Fire Control System. Installed in B-52, F-105, and T-39s.


Manufacturer: Emerson

Notes: B-52H and B-58A Defensive Fire Control System for the 20mm M61A1 Tail Turret.