SPG Series Radars


Type of Radar: Continuous Wave Guidance Radar
IEEE Band: L Band
NATO Band: C Band
Exact Frequency: 851-942 MHz
Peak Power: 3 megawatts
Detection Example
: 4.5 m2 target at 300,000 yards (148.12 nautical miles)
Range Accuracy: 0.025 percent of range
Range Resolution: 150 feet
Beam Dimension: 1.8° x 20°
Angular Accuracy: 0.25 mils

Notes: Talos Guidance Radar. Designed in 1947, and became obsolete with Talos at the end of 1979. Due to the early design of the radar and its lack of sophistication, during heavy rain, it's range was reduced to 29 nm, and it's mean time between failure was only 30 hours. The cancellation of the proposed replacement AN/SPG-51E led to the end of Talos' service.


Notes: A failed 1958 attempt at a missile control system.


Notes: C-Band Talos Tracking and Illumination radar. Intended to replace the AN/SPG-49, and was intended for heavy cruiser Talos conversions (CG-13-15) which died. The sole example was used by the White Sands Missile Range.


Notes: Terrier missile tracking radar similar to AN/SPG-55 but without the beam-riding feature. None were built.


Notes: Missile guidance/tracking radar for Mark 86 FCS. AN/SPG-60 picked instead.

AN/SPG-59 “Typhon”


(Photograph of combined AN/SPG-62 + AN/SPG-63 Antenna)

Type of Radar: Continuous wave Illuminator
Band: X Band
Average Power: 10 kW

Notes: X-band CW illuminator for the Mk 99 FCS. Slaved to AN/SPY-1A. Shares antenna with AN/SPG-63.


(Photograph of combined AN/SPG-62 + AN/SPG-63 Antenna)

Type of Radar: Target acquisition and tracking radar.
Band: C Band
Peak Power: 42.5 kilowatts

Notes: Part of Mk 99 Fire Control System. Can accept designation hand offs from other equipment. Shares antenna with AN/SPG-62.