WW2 Aircraft Combat Statistics

(Updated 12 November 2012)

Chance-Vought F4U Corsair Family


2,140 x Enemy aircraft destroyed by F4Us


189 x F4Us lost to enemy aircraft
349 x F4Us shot down by AA
230 x F4Us lost to “other” causes
692 x F4Us lost on non-combat flights
164 x F4Us lost in crashes on carriers or airfields      
1,624 x Total F4U Losses in WWII

Sorties (From 13 February 1942 to V-J Day):

54,470 x Operational Sorties from Land Bases
9,581 x Operational Sorties from Carriers            
64,051 x Total Operational Sorties

Vought F4U Corsair by Martin W. Bowman; Crowood Press.

Grumman F6F Hellcat Family

Kills (August 1943 to August 1945)

4,948 Japanese Aircraft by Carrier based Hellcats
208 x Japanese Aircraft by Land-Based Hellcats
47 x Japanese Aircraft by Royal Navy Hellcats
13 x German Aircraft by USN/Royal Navy Hellcats      
5,216 x Total Enemy Aircraft destroyed by F6Fs

Losses (August 1943 to August 1945)
270 x F6F lost to enemy aircraft

Hellcat: The F6F in World War II by Barrett Tillman