Soviet/Russian Heavy Tanks


Note: Object is Объект in Russian if you want to Google the net for more designs. Be sure to have the latest internet explorer, a decent antivirus program, firewall, and god knows what else; since the Russian corner of the internet is full of viruses, et al.


Object 244

Object 277

Year: 1958
Developer: J. Y. Kotin
Quantity: 2
Gun: 130mm M-65 (26 rounds)
Coaxial: 14.5mm KPVT (250 rounds)
Stabilizer: “Groza” Two Plane Stabilizer.
Engine: V-12 Diesel; 1,090 hp at 1,850 RPM

Object 278

Notes: Projected development of Object 277 with 1,000 hp Gas turbine engine. Paper only.

Object 279

Year: 1957
Developer: L.S. Troyanov
Gun: 130mm Rifled Gun M-65 (24 rounds)
Coaxial: 14.5mm KPVT (300 rounds)
Crew: 4
Combat Weight: 60 metric tons
Length (Gun Forward): 10,238 mm
Width: 3,400 mm
Height: 2,475 mm
Engine Choice 1: DG-1000 four stroke 16 cylinder “H” diesel; 950 hp at 2,500 RPM
Engine Choice 2: 2DG-8M four stroke 16 cylinder “H” diesel. 1000 hp at 2,400 RPM.
Highway Speed: 55 km/h
Highway Range: 250 kilometers
Meshwar Webpage (in Russian)
Notes: Heavy four-tracked tank with rounded hull to operate in heavy nuclear environments.
(Object 279 during trials)
(Object 279 at Kubinka, Frontal View)
(Object 279 at Kubinka, 3/4ths Frontal View)
(Object 279 at Kubinka Head On)
(Object 279 at Kubinka Rear Quarter)
(Object 279 at Kubinka Closeup of Tracks)
(Object 279 Side Drawing)
(Object 279 3/4ths Frontal 3D Render by MeshWar)
(Object 279 3/4ths Top 3D Render by MeshWar)
(Object 279 3/4ths Rear 3D Render by MeshWar)
(Object 279 Side 3D Render by MeshWar)
(Object 279 Armor Scheme Drawing 1)
(Object 279 Armor Scheme Drawing 2)

Object 770 Heavy Tank

Designer: Chelyabinsk
Gun: 130mm Rifled Gun M-65 (37 rounds of which 18 are in turret. Electromechanical rammer; 5-7 RPM)
Coaxial: 14.5mm KPVT (250 rounds)
Stabilizer: Biplanar
Rangefinder: Stereoscopic TPD-2S
Crew: 4
Engine: DTN-10 Diesel; 10 cylinders, 1,000 hp at 2,500 rpm.

Stalin Series (IS)


Main Gun: (35 rounds)
Notes: Deep modernization of IS-2 to extend service life beginning in 1954.

Object 703 (IS-3)

Production: May 1945-Mid 1946
Notes: The first pilot batches were produced May 1945.

Object 701-1 (Early IS-4 prototype)

Object 701-2 (Early IS-4 prototype)

Main Gun: 100mm S-34 Gun (30 rounds)
Combat Weight: 55,900 kg
Engine: 750 hp

Object 701-5 (Early IS-4 prototype)

Main Gun: 122mm D-25T Gun
Combat Weight: 58,500 kg

Object 701-6 (IS-4)

Design Period: 1943-45
29 April 1946 by USSR Council Decree 961403
March 1947 to 1 January 1949
Quantity Built:
219 to 250~
Cost: 1~ million 1947 Rubles
Length: 9,700mm
Ground Clearance:
Combat Weight: 58,500 kg
Gun: 125mm Rifled Gun D-25T (30 rounds)
Crew: 4
Engine: V-12 Diesel (750 hp at 2,100 RPM)
Internal Fuel: 410 Liters in four tanks
External Fuel: 4 x 90 Liter External Tanks
Highway Speed: 43 km/hr
(IS-4 version with 100mm S-34-I)
(IS-4 version with 100mm S-34-II)

Object 248 (IS-5)

Gun: 100mm Rifled Gun S-34
Notes: There was a second IS-5 design which never got off the mockup stage.
(Photo of 2nd IS-5 Design Mockup)
(Object 248 Trials 1)
(Object 248 Trials 2)

Object 252 (IS-6 Mechanical Transmission)

Object 253 (IS-6 Electro-Mechanical Transmission)

Coaxial: 7.62mm
Engine: V-12U (700 hp)
Highway Speed: 35 km/hr
(IS-6 Picture 1; Unknown Object)
(IS-6 Picture 2; Unknown Object)
(IS-6 Picture 3; Unknown Object)

Object 257

Object 258

Object 259

Object 260 (IS-7)

Gun: 130mm Rifled Gun S-70 (30 rounds)
Combat Weight: 68 metric tons
Length (Gun Forward): 11.17 meters
Width: 3.44 meters
Height: 2.6 meters
Crew: 5 (Commander, Gunner, Two Loaders, Driver)
: M-50 V-12 Four Stroke Diesel
Highway Speed: 55-60 km/h
Highway Range: 190-300 kilometers
Notes: Two designs actually had this designation. The first one in 1945 only reached the wooden mockup stage. The second had it's first prototype completed 8 September 1946, followed by a second on 25 December 1946. This version had the 130mm S-26 gun.
Tests with 88mm, 122mm, and 128mm guns were carried out; and the hull and turret were redesigned for better armor protection. Additionally, the newer 130mm S-70 gun was fitted. Four of these improved IS-7s were built in the summer of 1948 and tested.
Meshwar Webpage (in Russian)
(Object 260 1945 version Mockup)
(Object 260 Promotional Photo)
(Object 260 Drawing – Possibly an Early Version)
(Object 260 Drawing – Final Version)
(Object 260 at Kubinka)
(Object 260 3/4ths Upper Frontal 3D Render by MeshWar)
(Object 260 3/4ths Rear 3D Render by MeshWar)
(Object 260 Side Top 3D Render by MeshWar)
(Object 260 3/4ths Lower Frontal 3D Render by MeshWar)
(Object 260 3/4ths Lower Frontal 3D Render by MeshWar) (a bit closer than the last one)


Notes: After ten prototypes were built and evaluated, it was recommended that it be put into production after improvements were implemented. Implementing these changes required several more designations (see IS-9 and IS-10).

Object 730 (IS-10 / T-10)

Combat Weight: 50 metric tonnes
Gun: 122mm D-25TA (30 rounds)
Coaxial: 12.7mm DshKM (300 rounds)
Engine: V-12-5 Diesel (700 hp at 2,100 RPM)
Notes: After Stalin's death, the designation was changed from IS-10 to T-10.

Object 730A (T-10A)

Produced: 1956-1957
Gun: 122mm D-25TA (30 rounds)
Single Plane Stabilizer
Coaxial: 12.7mm DshKM (300 rounds)

Object 730B / 730Б (T-10B / Т-10Б)

Produced: 1957-1958
Quantity Built:
Gun: 122mm D-25TA (30 rounds)
: Two-plane stabilizer “Thunder”
Coaxial: 12.7mm DshKM (300 rounds)

Object 730BK (T-10BK)

Notes: Command tank version.

Object 272 / Object 734 (T-10M)

Length: 10,560mm
Ground Clearance:
Main Gun: 122mm M-62T-2 (2A17) (30 rounds)
Stabilizer: 2E12 “Liven” Two Plane Stabilizer
Coaxial: 14.5mm KPVT
Combat Weight: 51.5 metric tons
Engine: V-12-6 (750 hp at 2,100 RPM)
Notes: Chelyabinsk built T-10Ms were Object 734; and Leningrad-Built T-10Ms were Object 272. Differences were transmission components, etc.

Object 272K (T-10MK)

Start of Production: 1959
End of Production:
Quantity Built:
Notes: Command version.