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Note: Object is Объект in Russian if you want to Google the net for more designs. Be sure to have the latest internet explorer, a decent antivirus program, firewall, and god knows what else; since the Russian corner of the internet is full of viruses, et al.

Object 757

Gun: 125mm Rifled Gun/Launcher D-126S
Coaxial: 7.62mm SGMT
Crew: 3
Engine: V-12-6F (850 hp)
Notes: Missile-armed tank.
(Object 757 Drawing)
(Object 757 in Vadim Zadorozhny's Technical Museum Near Moscow. 3 MB Photo by Vitaly K. Kuzmin)

Object 775

Year: 1962
Gun: 125mm D-126 Rifled Gun/Rocket Launcher (24 x Rubin ATGM + 48 x 125mm Бур “Boer” Rocket Boosted HEF Shells)
Stabilizer: Two Plane Stabilizer 2E16
Coaxial: 7.62mm PKT
Crew: 2
Length: 6,117 mm
Width: 3,415 mm
Height: 1,740mm
Engine: 700 hp
Highway Speed: 66 km/hr
Notes: Missile-armed tank. The Commander doubled as the gunner, and the driver sat in a rotating capsule that always faced forward, similar to that implemented in MBT-70.
(Three-View Drawing of Object 775)
(Object 775 Prototype at Kubinka)
(Object 775 At Kubinka Front Quarter View)

Object 282

Year: 1961
Gun: 125mm D-126 Rifled Gun/Rocket Launcher (24 ATGM + 48 HEF)
: 3
Combat Weight: 51.47 metric tons
Length: 7,250 mm
Width: 3,380 mm
Height: 2,100 mm
Ground Clearance: 460 mm
Maximum Highway Speed: 55 km/h
Highway Radius: 300 kilometers
Notes: Used chassis of T-10M heavy tank with the turret from the Object 775 Rocket Tank.
(Object 282 Side Drawing)
(Object 282 Field Trials)

Object 287

Developer: Leningrad
Two-Plane Stabilized Pop-Up Launcher with 15 x 9M15 “Typhoon” ATGM
2 x 73mm 2A25 Grom (8 round revolving drum for each gun, plus 8 more in stowage) with PG-15V Spear.
Coaxial: 2 x PKT Machine Guns
: 2
Combat Weight: 36.5 metric tons
6,124 mm
3,415 mm
1,750 mm
Ground Clearance:
450 mm
: 5TD Opposed Piston Diesel (700 hp)
Highway Speed: 66 km/hr
Highway Radius: 500 kilometers
Notes: Based on the Object 430 hull. The commander sat on the right side of the turret and doubled as the gunner. The driver sat on the left side of the turret. The engine was in front. Could fire ATGMs while moving at 20-30 km/hr.
Combination Armor Composition:
90mm RHA
130mm Fiberglass
30mm of Anti Radiation Liner
15mm of Anti Radiation Liner
(Object 287 Photograph during trials?)
(Object 287 Side Drawing)

Object 150 (IT-1 / ИТ-1)

Developer: Nizhny Tagil
Development: 1957-1965
Adopted: 3 September 1968 (USSR Council Resolution 703-261)
Produced: 1968-1970 at Plant 183.
Quantity Built: 220.
Combat Weight: 34.5 tonnes
Main Armament: 2K4 ATGM System (12 x 3M7 “Dragon” ATGM in autoloader + 3 stowed externally)
Coaxial: 7.62mm PKT (2,000 rounds)
Length: 6,630mm
3,330 mm
2,800mm or 1,830mm (Hydropneumatic suspension)
Ground Clearance: 435mm
Maximum Vertical Obstacle: 800 mm
Maximum Trench Obstacle: 2.85 meters
Engine: V-55A Diesel (580 hp)
Internal Fuel: 695 liters in three tanks
External Fuel: 285 Liters in three tanks
Highway Speed: 55 km/hr
Highway Range: 470 km with internal fuel, 670 km with external fuel
Notes: Equipped two battalions of tank destroyers, one in the Belorussian MD, the other in the Carpathian MD. In 1970; 2,000 3M7 Drakon ATGMs for it were produced along with 20 IT-1s.
(Object 150 Promotional Photo)
(Object 150 Perspective Frontal View)
(Object 150 Trials)
(Object 150 Drawings)