How to Check your Laptop Battery Health with Windows 7/8
v1.0 – March 2014

This works in Windows 7/8 and will enable you to check your laptop battery’s health without having to install proprietary manufacturer bloatware:

Hit the START button and type cmd in the search programs and files box.

Right click on cmd.exe in the search results and click RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.

At the command prompt enter cd %userprofile%/Desktop

Now type powercfg -energy

This will run for about 60 seconds and generate a report in HTML format on your desktop as energy-report.html

Open it up and go down to the battery information section, where you’ll see a bunch of information listed:

Battery:Battery Information

Battery ID:
Serial Number:
Long Term:
Design Capacity:
Last Full Charge:

A healthy battery will have it’s last full charge very close to design capacity; while a severely damaged battery will have a significantly degraded Last Full Charge.