E-Mail Safety against Phishing Scams

(Version 1.0 – 30 June 2011)

Recently I received an email purporting to be from my credit card company in my e-mail inbox; saying that since my account details had changed, they needed to verify some details.

It was very well written, and even included a note about “if you are concerned about clicking links in this e-mail, the services mentioned above, can be accessed by typing [link] directly into your browser.” along with the name and business address for an officer at the credit card company.

What I do when I receive such e-mails is that instead of clicking any links, or typing in any links that they give me, I go into GOOGLE and type in the name of the credit card company or bank in question.

This brings up the official site for that company rather quickly and I can check there whether the alert is a real one or a phishing scam intended to steal my money.

Once I had confirmed through the official site that there was no such alert placed on my account; I investigated the e-mail more closely; and found the following errors:

It was really pretty devious, and would have fooled someone a little less observant.