Windows 7's File Search and using it
v1.0 – 24 FEB 2012
v1.1 – 10 MAR 2014

Windows 7’s new File Search system is pretty obtuse and confusing for people who are used to the simplicity of Windows XP’s GUI interface for searching. It’s not hard however to remember how to use W7’s file search.

name: [filename]
Search by filename.
type: [document/picture/music]
Search by that file type.
modified: [date]
(You can use a year e.g. modified:2006 to find all the files modified in the year 2006)

So if you wanted to search for every document (txt/html/etc) that had the word “Tiger” in it, you would type in:

type:document Tiger

If you wanted to restrict your search further to just those files with tank in the filename, it would become:

type:document name:tank Tiger

If you wanted to restrict your search even more to files with a very specific file name; e.g. those files which end in a _s.jpg; you’d enter:

System.FileName: ~>"_s.jpg"