July 15,1939
[S. 610]
[Private, No. 82]


To authorize certain officers and enlisted men of the United States Army to accept such medals, orders, and decorations as have been tendered them by foreign governments in appreciation of services rendered.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following-named officers and enlisted men of the United States Army are hereby authorized to accept such medals, orders, and decorations, as have been tendered them by foreign governments in appreciation of services rendered:

Brigadier General Charles Burnett; Brigadier General Leigh C. Fairbank; Colonel Lester D. Baker; Colonel Albert Gilmor; Colonel Martin C. Shallenberger ; Colonel Rodney H. Smith ; Colonel Edwin M. Watson ; Colonel F. Langley Whitley ; Lieutenant Colonel Edward M. Almond ; Lieutenant Colonel John B. Coulter ; Lieutenant Colonel Louis A. Craig; Lieutenant Colonel Howard C. Davidson; Lieutenant Colonel John F. Davis; Lieutenant Colonel Norman E. Fiske; Lieutenant Colonel Henry B. Lewis; Lieutenant Colonel John E. McMahon: Lieutenant Colonel Burton T. Read; Lieutenant Colonel William É. Schmidt; Lieutenant Colonel John Andrew Weeks; Lieutenant Colonel Lawrence B. Weeks ; Lieutenant Colonel John S. Winslow; Major Charles Y. Banfill; Major Robert E. Cummings; Major Harold L. George; Major Samuel A. Greenwell; Major Gustav B. Guenther; Major Caleb V. Haynes; Major William D. Hohenthal; Major Vincent J. Meloy ; Major Lawrence C. Mitchell; Major Wilton B. Persons; Major Lowell M. Riley; Major Horace B. Smith; Captain Mark M. Boatner, Junior; Captain Malin Craig, Junior; Captain Townsend Griffiss; Captain Alva L. Harvey ; Captain George Honnen ; Captain Ford J. Lauer; Captain Carl B. McDaniel; Captain Daniel J. Martin: Captain William A. Matheny; Captain Floyd L. Parks; Captain George W. Read, Junior; Captain Harry McK. Roper; Captain Thomas D. White; First Lieutenant William C. Bentley, Junior; First Lieutenant John A. Cleveland, Junior; First Lieutenant Richard S. Freeman ; First Lieutenant Frederic E. Glantzberg ; First Lieutenant Curtis E. LeMay; First Lieutenant Edwin L. Tucker; First Lieutenant Torgils G. Wold; Second Lieutenant Edwin Nevin Howell; Second Lieutenant Lawrence A. Spilman; Second Lieutenant James H. Rothrock, Air Reserve (active) ; Master Sergeant Floyd B. Haney; Technical Sergeant Adolph Cattarius; Staff Sergeant Charles S. Guinn ; Staff Sergeant Ralph W. Spencer ; Staff Sergeant Henry L. West ; Sergeant Frank B. Conner ; Corporal John S. Gray; Corporal Clarence D. Lake; Corporal James E. Sands; Private (First-Class) Russell E. Junior; Private (First-Class) Norbert D. Flinn; Private (First-Class) Joseph H. Walsh; and Private Hansen Outley.

Approved, July 15, 1939.