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(Updated 12 January 2017)

This website was created out of a desire to create a site equal to the various sites out there like Luft' 46 which show just about every design that was proposed during the war by the Germans, no matter how practical or impractical.

The Allied nations had their own designs which were just as forward thinking and advanced as the Germans – they just aren't publicized as much. Originally, my concept was to create a “ring” of websites with names like USAAF '46, RAF '46, and VVS '46. However, sanity shortly returned; and I began to think about a website simply titled www.1946.com; but sadly that was taken - www.june1946.com was the next idea.

It was at that point that I realized that if I named it something very broad, like “Alternate Wars”, I could cover not only just the planned OLYMPIC and CORONET landings against Japan, as well as the plans for WWII extending into 1946 and beyond; I could also do equipment for just about everyone, as well as cover a very broad time period, from the ultimate “Never Was” of World War I: Plan 1919 – Eight million men, 10,000 tanks and 10,000 aircraft, all aimed at Germany, to the various color-coded War Plans that the US produced for war with just about everyone.

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