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Battlestar Galactica (2003) Bible (2.7 MB PDF)

Science Fiction Technologies

Notes: The object of this list is to document various “game changing” technologies that would be of great use in a Science Fiction setting, whether they be advanced railguns for ground vehicles, solar satellites to generate power for a colony in a new solar system; etc.
An Active Membrane Phased Array Radar (2000s) (440~ kb PDF)
Applications: Imagine having an antenna you could carry in your backpack all rolled up like a blanket; and when you needed to transmit large amounts of data to a satellite in orbit or needed to set up an Anti-Intrusion radar; you could just unroll the blanketized antenna.
Liquid Fuel Generation
SP-263-650050 Energy Depot: A Concept for Reducing the Military Supply Burden (January 1965) (2 MB PDF)
SP-263-650051 Energy Depot Fuel Production and Utilization (January 1965) (2.2 MB PDF)
SP-263-650052 Ammonia as an Engine Fuel (January 1965) (2.65 MB PDF)
SP-263 Discussion (Is appended to the end of all the papers above)
Solid State Ammonia Synthesis (October 2007) (197 kb PDF)
EM 1110-345-950 Utilization of Nuclear Power Plants in Underground Installations (15 April 1963) (1.83 MB PDF)