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Version 1.1 (25 December 2011)

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Using the Advanced Search Functionality

One of the big problems with the current Amazon Kindle Store is that there’s no easy way to rapidly browse a publisher’s catalog, something that’s becoming more and more important as an increasing amount of people self-publish via the Kindle Store. Publishers enable you to sort the wheat from the chaff rapidly and not have to waste time searching through 20 pages of self-published novels for your next Science Fiction read.

You can get around this lack of functionality by using Amazon’s Advanced Search function with keywords laid in where necessary.

Publisher Brands and their genres:

Ace (Science Fiction & Fantasy)
Spectra (The older Star Wars novels, such as Heir to the Empire from the 1990s)
Scholastic (Young Adult)
Random House
Pyr (Science Fiction & Fantasy)
Pocket Books (Star Trek novels of the 1990s)

So if you wanted to just limit yourself to Star Trek novels published by Pocket Books (I have a soft spot for some of the older Original Series novels as I read them a lot as a kid); you’d go to the advanced search page; dial in the following settings:

Keywords: Star Trek
Publisher: Pocket Books
Format: Kindle Edition

This brings you down to 600~ books as a baseline.

Sorting by publishing year might seem attractive to you at first; but many of the older Star Trek novels such as The Lost Years by J.M. Dillard have their Kindle Edition publication dates around 2003; while their dead tree publication dates were back in 1989 or thereabouts.

Of course, this brings you to the next problem . . .

These books are strictly “back catalog”. They’ve been out for around twenty years, so they should be heavily discounted and priced at around $2.99 to $3.99 or thereabouts, in order to sell them; not at $5.99 or $8.99.

I’ve got some fond memories of a few novels, but I don’t like them that much to pay full price again.