Age of Rifles

Updated 22 April 2016

Age of Rifles Scenario/Campaign Compendium v1.1 (28.9 MB ZIP)
by Maciej Czuchnowski, Andrew Preziosi & Lindsay Adams

The compendium contains 745 scenarios and 31 campaigns, organized amongst the following time periods:

NOTE: This compendium was originally in a series of spanned ZIP files, each part padded to exactly 5 MB; so that it could be distributed on Yahoo Groups. Unfortunately, it used an unconventional spanning mechanism, so I had to download and run a specialized program in a virtual machine to extract all of the files. This (33.9 MB ZIP) file contains the original spanned archive files plus the extractor program used to extract it, in case you absolutely want to make sure it's correct.

Age of Napoleon (1813-1815) By Max v. Schweinewitz (1.8 MB ZIP)
25 July 2007

This patch for Age of Rifles includes hundreds of new icons that represent uniforms of all important nations that were involved in the events of the last years of the Napoleonic Age. While the main focus is on the campaigns in Germany in 1813, there is much eye candy for people interested in the Hundred Days, too ...

My aim was to achieve historical best possible accuracy despite the graphical constrictions of the game.

Also included are:

The patch comes with a 'teaser', a scenario of the Battle of Wartenburg in 1813, to give you an impression of what can be done with this patch.


Age of Napoleon by Andreas Kopp (813 kb ZIP)
8 November 2003

Age of Muskets v0.4 by apollon (a.k.a. Laudon) (528 kb ZIP)
28 November 2002

Contains a significant amount of uniform combinations (tunics/hats/pants/shoes) and replaces the African and Arab paperdolls with Caucasian paperdolls (one with mustache, the other a wig).

NOTES: When you open the samples.oob from within the AOR OOB editor, be sure to view the other side too. Side1 is 18th Century, while side2 is Napoleonic. The modified white tunics can be found on the bottom of the book. They were put there because these slots translate into true white tunics on the map (rather than grey).

Complete (as of March 2015) archive of the Age of Rifles Yahoo Group Files Section (28.7 MB ZIP)

Just what it says on the tin. A complete download of the AoR Yahoo Group files section from 2015 for posterity, minus the Age of Rifles Compendium files, which are reproduced above, in order to make this file a bit more compact.