Forge of Freedom
(2006 Matrix Games / WCS)

Guns of the South Mod (5.6~ MB ZIP) (Screenshot 1) (Screenshot 2)

What it Does: It adds the AK-47 as an upgrade for the CSA via replacement of an existing in-game upgrade as a hat tip to Harry Turtledove’s book of the same name.

Secretaries of War Mod (180~ kb ZIP) (CSA Replacement Graphic)

What it Does: Replaces the default 3D rendered advisers with the historical Secretaries of War)

Shep’s Flag Mod Version 7 (9.61~ MB ZIP)
(Historical Flags in this Mod) (Ahistorical Flags in this Mod)
(Ellsworth’s Zouaves with their Flag) (Minnesota 1st Volunteers with their Flag)

What it Does: Adds tons of flags, plus a new scenario using the flags to the game, and is compatible with version 1.12.2. The current Maryland State Flag is in it as an ahistoricality, as I am from Maryland, along with some other ahistorical flags for variety.

Shep’s NATO Counter Mod (670~ kb ZIP) (USA Counters) (CSA Counters) (British / French Counters)

What it Does: Replaces most (I have yet to do the naval counters) counters in the game with NATO style chits. For plain-jane infantry, a red stripe means it's a low quality unit, no stripe means it's average quality, and a green stripe means it's high quality.

Forge of Freedom Editing Scratchpad

What it Is: It’s a simple HTML file containing the numeric counters for all the data in the game for people who wish to edit the .CSV files that the game uses.