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Pacific General

(Updated 15 November 2015)


A good portion of the data that these files contain came from Steve Strayer’s Pacific General Armory at

The original site shut down back in 2006 thanks to Compuserve going away. It was recovered thanks to The Wayback Machine.

Additionally, there’s another Pacific General site that used to be on GeoCities until that site also shut down:

Once again, some of the data was recovered thanks to The Wayback Machine.

Finally, there is Dirk Cremer’s HERR GENERAL at (; which appears to still be up online, but so much of it is locked away behind Java navigational menus; which are no longer supported in browsers for security reasons.

Fixing Corrupt Graphics on your Pacific General Install:

A lot of SSI games used palette swapping; and this causes corruption on newer systems.

To fix it; create a text file in your PACGEN folder and Cut and Paste the following lines:

taskkill.exe /f /im explorer.exe
start/w PACGEN.EXE
cd c:\windows
start explorer.exe

Rename your text file to PACGEN.cmd and double click on it (it's a windows Vista and above version of a BATCH file.)

What it does is:

  1. It kills windows explorer; which can cause graphics corruption.

  2. Runs Pacific General

  3. After Pacific General is done running, it goes into C:\WINDOWS and reloads windows explorer.

This *should* work – I’ve used it on Windows 7 x64.

However, it'll close all file/folder windows you have open currently.

Equipment Roster Mods

5-Star Equipment (EQP) Mod v2.3 (13~ MB ZIP)
By Steve Strayer/Narayan Sengupta (7 February 2007)

Armory Equipment (EQP) Mod v4.71 (12.7~ MB ZIP)
By Steve Strayer (22 January 2006)

This contains the Armory basic install, as well as the bonus pack.

Strayer v2.85 EQP File (93.5~ kb ZIP)

Ultimate EQP File v1.02 (44.7 kb ZIP)

Graphical Mods

European Graphics Mod Pack by Steve Strayer v2.0 (1.21 MB ZIP)

This archive contains the files needed to install an all-new graphics set to Pacific General. Essentially the "major" Japanese graphics have been removed from the game and replaced with German graphics. The purpose of this mod is to allow people who primarily play custom scenarios or campaigns that use German instead of Japanese troops as the main Axis aggressor the option to get a more "European" feel to the game.


East Wind, Rain v1.1 (10.7 MB ZIP)
By Steve Strayer, Kashanka and Robert Menna (24 Mar 06)

The version in the above link doesn’t require you to install the Armory EQP or use the built in EXE installer as those have been done for you.

The East Wind, Rain Campaign Set for Pacific General enhances Pacific General game play with completely reworked campaigns for both America and Japan in the Pacific. Both default SSI campaigns (America in the Pacific and Japan in the Pacific) have been replaced with new campaigns. East Wind Rain is a total rewrite of the Japanese campaign path, while the American Campaign Replacement Scenarios (CRS) greatly enhances, and in some cases relocates the battles in the Pacific compared to the original SSI campaigns – you may now enjoy Pacific General with enhanced game play, by the addition of two great campaigns: Japan's East Wind, Rain campaign (Axis) or America's CRS campaign (Allied).

Version 1.1 fixes all known bugs to the campaign and includes a new China scenario with an International Settlement in Shanghai.

East Wind, Rain: Japan's Greater East Asia War!

Based primarily on Japan's historically true war of expansion in the Pacific, including key choices to proceed with the war primarily against the United States or Great Britain... This 13-scenario campaign will assume the Japanese meet with greater success then they did historically, but will not carry out over-exaggerations of Japanese power into the continental US. The campaign will start with the "traditional" Japanese assaults into China, Mongolia and the Pacific, including the choice of who to focus the war on. There will be many land-sea-air battles that take place in the campaign with a few new twists and surprises including battles ranging as far west as India, as far south as Australia, and as far east as Oahu. This is a complete overhaul of the poorly-executed and poorly chosen SSI Japanese campaign path.
The campaign starts in 1938, and won't end till 1945, so you will have the FULL capability to upgrade all your equipment as the years go by, and the majority of the maps in "EWR" will be new, never-before-seen maps that are geographically correct. It is composed of 13 scenarios.

America CRS

Mostly following the campaign path choices found in the original SSI American campaign, this is a completely reworked campaign with increased difficulty, greater challenges, and a more logical and interesting choice of scenarios. Even if you have played the CRS before, there are many new scenarios and a different path then you've seen before. New battle locations like Rabaul, and newer looks at places like Saipan, Luzon, Iwo Jima and Honshu are all included in this new American CRS.
The campaign starts in 1942, and won't end till 1946, so you will have the FULL capability to upgrade all your equipment as the years go by, and the majority of the maps in the "American CRS" will be major improvements over the default SSI US campaign and the maps are geographically correct as well. It is composed of 12 scenarios.

Atlantic Tour v1.2 (11.9~ MB ZIP)
By Steve Strayer and Robert Menna (9 Jan 2006)

The version in the above link doesn’t require you to install the Armory EQP or use the built in EXE installer as those have been done for you. It also includes a earlier v1.31 of the Z-Plan Campaign as a Bonus in the \OlderCampaignVersions folder

This mod pack includes two FULL European-based campaigns for both America and Germany, as well as a self-installing setup file, and an all-new graphics palette for PacGen which will "Germanize" the graphics ranging from units, turn screens and including the main & strategic maps! Both campaigns included start early in the war and won't end until 1945, so you will have the FULL capability to upgrade all your equipment as the years go by, and the vast majority of the maps are new, never-before-seen maps that are geographically correct. v1.2 includes new updates to SEVEN Atlantic Tour scenarios, including a deployment-bug fix for Fortress Europe and multiple improved maps and setups. v1.1 of Atlantic Tour includes new 3rd-side scenarios for both Z-Plan and CoE and a new scenario selection screen.

The Z-Plan: Germany's Western Naval Option! v2.0

Based on the historically true case of the "Z-Plan"... which was Germany's pre-war plan to build a huge German surface fleet to deal with the western powers, the plan called for the construction of six battleships that made the Bismark look small by comparison, along with a host of other capital ships and supporting vessels. Historically, the Z-Plan was scrapped when the war began... the 10-scenario campaign assumes the Germans do NOT scrap the Z-Plan and continue to give it funding and follow it thru. The campaign starts with the "traditional" German assaults into Poland, Norway and France, then sets off on a more "navally-western" course of events, and there are many land-sea-air battles that take place in the campaign with a few new twists and surprises.
The campaign starts in 1939, and won't end till 1945, so you will have the FULL capability to upgrade all your equipment as the years go by, and the vast majority of the maps in "Z-Plan" are new never-before-seen maps that are geographically correct.
If you'd like an in-depth review on what is included in the Z-Plan campaign and to find out a little about the scenarios contained within Z-Plan, check out the review posted on the Wargamer's website by clicking here!

Clash of Eagles: America Strikes Back! v1.0

After the success of Germany's Z-Plan culminating in the fall of Britain, Winston Churchill had fled to Canada and continued the fight from the Commonwealth. 1942 started with demands by Franklin Roosevelt for Germany to end occupation of Western Europe and a restoration of the exiled governments of those countries over-run by the Nazis. Hitler, confident of his command of the continent, and insisting that the puppet regimes installed by Germany were the "righteous governments", forced the United States to take the offensive, with American public opinion finally supporting entry into the war. In the making was a duel of wills between FDR and Hitler – a test of arms between America and Germany – now the symbolic national mascots would face off, in a CLASH OF EAGLES.

The Mediterranean Theatre 1940-45 v1.1 (11~ MB ZIP)
By Franci Roberto (6 September 2005)

The version in the above link doesn’t require you to install the Armory EQP or use the built in EXE installer as those have been done for you.

This mod pack includes two FULL European-based campaigns for both America and Italy, as well as a self-installing setup file, and an all-new graphics palette for PacGen which will "Italianize" the graphics ranging from units, turn screens and including the main & strategic maps!

Both campaigns include many new maps, never-before-seen maps and this campaign pack has a custom scenario selection screen... first amongst Armory campaigns.

The Forgotten Campaign: Liberation of Italy v1.1

This American campaign starts with the invasion of Tunisia in 1943 and follows the actions of American forces in the Mediterranean through the liberation of Italy and the grueling campaign against the Germans up the Italian boot into 1945. You will command the Allied forces through 13 scenarios, including 3-sided action. Many large-scale battles take place in this campaign, on land, sea & air. Can you liberate Italy from the Fascists? Take command and find out!

The Italian Campaign! v4.4

This is a full Italian campaign in the Mediterranean Sea theatre from the beginning in France (1940) to the Allied arrival in Sicily (1943). It is composed of 13 historical scenarios (no taking of enemy capitals) and although these are historical scenarios, some are modified to allow an axis victory. This is the first campaign to offer a branching option... as the Italian commander, you have the option to pursue the war into either the Balkans or into North Africa. There are all new maps in this campaign, custom Italian graphics and lots of combined naval-sea-air scenarios, with several all-naval battles pitting the Italian Regia Marina vs the French Navy and Royal Navy of Great Britain. Also a first, this campaign is also the first to make use of the newly expanded nations available in v4.0 of the Armory E-Roster. Version 4.4 fixes a mysterious crash bug in the Balkans scenario, which has now been replaced by a new Greek scenario. This is a great campaign, have fun! (Stand Alone installer for just the Italian Campaign v4.4 [1.9~ MB ZIP] in case you want it)

Pact of Steel v1.0 Campaign (Armory EQP) (151~ kb ZIP)
By Jeremy (aka Bismarck31) (10 January 2006)

This is a full 10 scenario campaign pitting you as the Italian Empire against various European powers.

In the early years of the 1930's Italy and Germany were at odds about how to proceed against the rest of Europe militarily. The Germans decided upon a ground force that could annihilate anyone, while the Italians tried to focus on their fleet and infantry units.

By 1939 when the cards were thrown onto the table by Germany invading Poland the other European nations detested both Italy and Germany. Naturally, Italy prepared for a prolonged war against the Allied Powers.

Early 1940, Italy and Germany were allies and had added several countries to their Pact of Steel... among those were Turkey, Nationalist Spain, Rumania, and Hungary. With upgraded equipment from Italy and Germany they were forces to be reckoned with.

In the Spring of 1940 the Italians come up with a plan to take control of the Balkans using the Turks and Hungarians as ground forces while the Spanish sent an Expeditionary Force to conquer the Balkans. By taking this plan of action there are two possibilities. Either the Allies will beat them back or Germany will come to their aid... or will they?

I would recommend extracting my campaign files on-top-of Franci Robert's The Mediterranean Theatre 1940-45 v1.1 campaign, as this will make the game atmosphere much more "Italian".

Challenging English Campaign v2.0 (Armory EQP) (114~ kb ZIP)
By Esquilan (8 Aug 2004)

This is a full 10 scenario campaign pitting you as the English Empire against the forces of Germany, Italy and Japan. This campaign is designed to be much more challenging than other existing Pacific General campaigns, in particular the "Z-plan".

Nevertheless, it has been thoroughly tested so victory is achievable by very skilled players.

The campaign begins in the cold of Norway in 1940 and will take you on a tour of the world from Indonesia, England, the Mediterranean, Newfoundland, Russia, France and Germany itself.

v2.0: Corrects several crash bugs in stand-alone play, improved stability with all versions of the Armory E-Roster, Ship names added to all naval units, Corrected scenario names and descriptions in stand-alone scenario menu. Enjoy!

Rokoku Hiizuru Kuni no Hatano Motoni (The USSR under the Rising Sun) (Armory EQP)
By Craig Lindemann (aka Seii Taisho Gun)
Version 1.0 (209~ kb ZIP)
Version 1.2 (208~ kb ZIP)

Both versions include Fred Chlanda’s “Fix Snow Patch” – you’ll need to go to your DATA directory and run FIX_SNO.BAT if you encounter corruption issues of black borders.

This 10 scenario campaign begins in 1937 where as a Colonel (Taisa) in the Imperial Japanese Army you are called upon to secure Japan's "New Order" in China.

After successive battles there and at Changkufeng and Nomonhan against Russian forces you conceive a plan to strike north into the Soviet Far East instead of south into the Pacific. A victory at Vladivostok allows you to move into Persia and finally into the heart of the USSR itself at Stalingrad, Kharkov, Kiev ,and finally Moscow in 1943.

This campaign will call upon all your skills as a general and strategist as prestige points are not a given and require its wise use. The campaign was designed to be Moderate to Difficult. Do you have what it takes to be a General (Taisho)?

The campaign’s first 4 scenarios are based on historical circumstances. In the 1930's debate raged in Tokyo about whether Japan should attack the Soviet Far East or move south in the Pacific. Scenarios 5-10 explore the "what-if" possibilities for a strike north.

US Alternate History Campaign v1.2 (Armory EQP) (161 kb ZIP)
By Jawn Henry (01/28/2003)

This 10 scenario campaign comprises completely of hypothetical battles from the American side and begins with a naval battle to stop Japan's advances into Central America. The Americans will fight the Japanese in the Galapagos Islands, and over the Panama Canal, all the way to the shores of Australia, India and finally Japan itself. The campaign does cover a large time-line, so equipment advances will be aplenty!

Back in the USSR Campaign v1.0 (Armory EQP) (151~ kb ZIP)
By Narayan Sengupta (April to May 2001)

In November of 1939, the world watched as giant Russia invaded Finland next door in a battle that led to the utter humiliation of Soviet military power. But out of this disaster came a barely eked out victory and a new found impetus to learn from its mistakes and to reform the military into the greatest land army the world has ever known.

You will fight the Finns in '39 and the Japanese in Khalkin Gol shortly thereafter. And then you'll face a combined German, Polish (!) and Italian invasion of the Motherland at Leningrad, Moscow, Sevastopol and Stalingrad.

If you do well, you'll lead the smash into Poland and then on into Germany for a climactic fight against the Nazis and what's left of their navy while France, Britain and the US sit on the sidelines, but take their pound of German flesh in exchange for merely threatening a two front war with Germany.

Taking advantage of your battle-hardened veterans, you'll get to betray the alliance and assault the Maginot Line and finally attempt to complete the capture of all of France by attacking the Cote d'Azur and the French fleet in Toulon.

US Naval Campaign 1942-1945 v2.0 (Armory EQP) (159~ kb ZIP)
by Narayan Sengupta (December 2000 – April 2001)

This 10 scenario campaign comprises almost completely of hypothetical battles from the American side with the exceptions of Sicily, Anzio and Normandy. There are also many historical units which have been added inspired by the great breadth of Steven Strayer's revised equipment file. This campaign takes a combined-arms approach, as there will be many fleet vs. fleet engagements along with quite a few hit the beaches type invasions to allow the player to build up both experienced naval and experienced land units as well as the usual experienced air units. The campaign spans 1942-1945 for those interested in equipment upgrades!

Mediterranean Campaign (Armory EQP) (171~ kb ZIP)
By Mario Kolic (07/15/2003)

This large 10-scenario campaign is played from the Allied side, and focuses heavily on the naval battles for control of the Mediterranean Sea. Several land battles also occur within this campaign culminating in the final invasion of Italy! The campaign spans several years for those interested in equipment upgrades!

Campaign Brittania: Fight under the Union Jack! (Armory EQP) (94~ kb ZIP)
By Antonio Maximo (07/15/2003)

Another full 10-scenario campaign starting in 1940 with the invasion of England by Germany, you play as the British and repel the Germans back into the sea, then press on into Africa, then D-Day into France, and finally drive into the heart of Germany itself...can you as the British win the war for King and Country? Find out by trying this new campaign!

Campaign Italia: Italy at War! (Armory EQP) (103~ kb ZIP)
By Antonio Maximo (11/06/2004)

A full 10-scenario campaign starting in 1940 and not ending till 1944, this massive campaign takes the player thru the war with the Italian Armed Forces. You will tour WWII starting from France then all around the Mediterranean Sea, Africa & Persia and will face off against the might of the British Empire. This campaign allows the creation of HUGE core forces, as you will start the campaign with 22 core units, and finish with up to 60 core units!

Diversion 1945
By Fred Chlanda

Diversion '45 takes place in a very different world than the one that we read about or remember.

Great Britain has been out of the war since 1942. Their great leader Winston Churchill was run over by a bus and the government that followed was only too willing to reach an accommodation with the Germans. Great Britain has surrendered some naval vessels to Germany which along with the Italian fleet gives the Germans a strong navy.

The US is technically at war with Germany but there have been no hostilities. The US is focused on the Pacific and the Japanese. Without a European war, they are giving the Japanese all they can handle. What with weather and some bad strategic decisions, Germany has found the Soviet Union a difficult opponent. Both Japan and Germany are in danger of losing the war. Some desperate measure is needed.

That desperate measure is the attack by a relatively small German force on the American mainland and a similar attack by Japan on the Soviet Union. Although neither of these campaigns can succeed in conquering the opponent it will divert troops from the Allies to defend their homelands and perhaps give the Axis a breathing space.

Those expecting historical and military realism will be disappointed. My goal in writing this campaign has been to design a series of scenarios that have an interesting story line and that are somewhat more challenging to play than the scenarios native to Pacific General. I have also made no attempt to be geographically accurate, however all the maps are new.

The campaign starts very late in the war so there is little opportunity for upgrading units.

There are two versions – the “Light” and “Full” versions.

LIGHT (97~ kb ZIP) YOU WILL NEED TO ACTIVATE THE ARMORY EQP MOD! This lite version does not incorporate the briefings into the game nor does it replace the Japanese graphics that come with Pacific General. It’s presented here as an artifact of a time when the internet was significantly slower and smaller than it is today.
FULL (9.44~ MB ZIP) This includes everything, including the Armory EQP mod. Just activate this – no need to run the Armory EQP mod.

Polish Campaign (1938-1945) (142~ kb ZIP)
By Maciej Stoklosa (11/06/2004)

Basically, a POLAND STRONK! campaign utilizing a custom EQP file; where after a hypothetical fascist coup in Poland, the Polish start invading other people. :-D

Chinese Dragon v1.1 (Custom EQP) (246~ kb ZIP)
By Craig Lindemann (18 November 2002)

This campaign includes it’s own custom EQP based on the Arsenal EQP; but modified to add more Chinese units.

After centuries of foreign domination and internal strife a general has risen from the ashes to bring China to the brink of regional domination. After driving the Japanese from Mainland China and defeating Mao's communists you have been given a mandate to secure all of China's lost territory as well as remove all foreign forces from the Asian mainland. Close economic and military ties with the United States have allowed you to pursue a plan of forming a naval arm, which will be needed to secure all Chinese territory as well as exert its influence in the region. Certain US equipment will become available but the types will be limited to what the US president can get passed in Congress. Your resources are limited and you will need to use them wisely in order to succeed where so many have failed.

Today Germany: Tomorrow the World (1937-1945) (5-Star EQP) (273~ kb ZIP)
By Narayan Sengupta (06/24/2002)

NOTE: This campaign uses the 5-Star EQP file created by Narayan Sengupta!

This 10 scenario campaign comprises almost completely of hypothetical battles. You will be able to purchase various hypothetical Z Plan vessels such as the Type H heavy battleships and the Type P battlecruisers as well as some other goodies.

Indian Ocean Campaign (168~ kb ZIP)
By Dirk Cremer (22 MAR 1999)

Contains four scenarios and a custom EQP file for a hypothetical Japanese offensive in the Indian Ocean. The scenarios are in the following order:

1.) Dutch East India
2.) Diego Garcia Atoll
3.) Operation Ironclad
4.) South Africa

USA 1946 Campaign by Andrea Bigi (Armory EQP) (58~ kb ZIP)

This is a set of four scenarios that you play in order:

1.) Pacific Ocean: Battle of the Giants ‘46
2.) San Francisco ‘46
3.) Washington ‘46
4.) Mideast ‘46


The below scenarios replace particular scenarios in the original SSI campaign. They are intended primarily to enhance campaign game-play with the original SSI campaigns, but can also be played as a stand-alone scenario. These scenarios typically include either a better map, a more realistic deployment true to history, or some other enhanced gameplay feature missing in the original SSI campaign. Simply unzip these scenarios into your PacGen "SCEN" directory and play your campaign as normally!

American Campaign Replacement Scenarios (CRS) (59~ kb ZIP)
By Steve Strayer, Robert Menna and Kashanka (14 Nov 2005)

This archive contains everything you need to greatly improve the default American campaign in PacGen. Included are updates to Midway, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, Leyte Gulf and Okinawa.

Japanese Campaign Replacement Scenarios (CRS) (48~ kb ZIP)
By Steve Strayer (9 Apr 2005)

This archive contains everything you need to improve the default Japanese campaign in PacGen. Included are updates to Central China, SE China, Pearl Harbor, Singapore/Malaya and Hawaii 44.


NOTE: Unfortunately, the Wayback Machine’s Archive of The Armory was woefully incomplete as far as scenarios go; as the following scenarios are missing from its backup:

MIA Scenarios



Misc/What If

Z-Plan's Norway by Steve Strayer (12kb) (Armory EQP)
September 1939 by Janusz (21kb) (Armory EQP)
Fall of Malta by Steve Johansson (6kb) (Armory EQP)
Battle of Kharkov by Edward Hayes (11kb) (Armory EQP)
D-Day Normandy by Dempsey (18kb) (Armory EQP)
France '45 by Dempsey (18kb) (Armory EQP)
Dieppe by Mario Kolic (5kb) (Armory EQP)
Battle of North Cape by Mario Kolic (6kb) (Armory EQP)
Denmark & Norway Invasion Revised by James T. Kirk (11kb) (Armory EQP)

First Naval Battle of Guadalcanal by Kashanka (9kb) (Armory EQP)
Second Naval Battle of Guadalcanal by Kashanka (9kb) (Armory EQP)
Battle of East Solomons 1942 by Kashanka (12kb) (Armory EQP)
Cape Esperance by Kashanka (8kb) (Armory EQP)
Santa Cruz by Kashanka (10kb) (Armory EQP)
Savo Island by Kashanka (9kb) (Armory EQP)
Attu Island 1943 by Kashanka (8kb) (Armory EQP)
Midway Operation by Kashanka (11kb) (Armory EQP)
Pearl Harbor by Dempsey (12kb) (Armory EQP)
Java by Mario Kolic (4kb) (Armory EQP)
Midway (another Improved) by Warship100 (7kb) (Armory EQP)

Swastika over Pearl Harbor by Steve Strayer (13kb) (Armory EQP)
Alaska by Dempsey (16kb) (Armory EQP)

P. McDonald / D. Chantry 2-Player Scenario Pack (148~ kb ZIP)

The scenarios in this file were designed specifically for two human players. Too many of the stock scenarios are unbalanced, that is the winner often depends not on who plays the better game, but who gets the stronger side. The scenarios here give both sides an equal chance of victory. Conversely, you will find it relatively easy to defeat the computer.

Some of these are re-makes of stock scenarios from the various General games, and were made using stock maps. Others are entirely fictitious, and use original maps made with PacMap.

Night turns will occur at regular intervals, usually every fourth or fifth turn. You can check prior to playing by loading them in the battle generator and clicking on "edit day/night turns".

ALL scenarios here require a special modified equipment file which is enclosed. You should place it in your DATA file and save the original to a new backup file. Most of the changes have been to air and naval units. Some were made to make things more realistic, others to achieve a better balance of forces. Just because you recognize a unit, don't make assumptions about it's capabilities. Check the stats!

Dirk Cremer’s Custom Scenario/EQP File Sets (267~ kb ZIP)

These scenarios utilize custom EQP files. As such, I’ve set them up to be JGSME compatible.

Bir Hacheim
Diego Garcia Atoll
Dien Bien Phu
Operation Ironclad
South Africa
Dutch East India

Schwejk’s Scenario Pack (47~ kb ZIP)

Contains the following scenarios and readme files; and works with either the original SSI or Armory EQP files.

Operation Coronet
Iwo Jima
Conquest of Singapore

PacGen EQP 1.24 Scenario Pack (66~ kb ZIP)

All of these scenarios came with their own custom EQP files included. I’ve put them together for ease of use.

Norway 1940
Finland 1 Feb 1940 – 2nd Offensive
Finland 30 Nov 1939 – Viipuri

ETO Scenario Pack (Armory EQP Required for most) (455~ kb ZIP)

This pack contains the following scenarios, with readme files also included.

El Alamein by Daniel Sterba
Fall Gelb Invasion of Low Countries by James T. Kirk (Armory EQP)
Poland by Steve Strayer (Armory EQP)
Poland 1939 by James T. Kirk
Polish Campaign – two linked Scenarios (POLOGNE and VARSOVIE) by James T. Kirk (Armory EQP)
Warsaw by James T. Kirk
Norway 1940 by James T Kirk
Weser Exercise: Norway (enhanced) by Steve Strayer (Armory EQP)
France by Steve Strayer (Armory EQP)
France by Antonio Maximo (FRANCE_AN.SCN)
Finland 1939 by James T. Kirk
Finland 1940 (2nd Offensive) by James T. Kirk
Battle of Warsaw by Col. Hunter
Finnish War... two different Scenarios (FIN BALANCE and FIN BIGUSSR) by James T. Kirk (Armory EQP)
Spain 1936 by James T. Kirk (Armory EQP)
Spain 1937 by James T. Kirk (Armory EQP)
Spain 1939 by James T. Kirk (Armory EQP)
United Kingdom Normandy Scenario (June 4 - August 4, 1944) by Narayan Sengupta
Low Countries 1940 by Steve Strayer (Armory EQP)
Battle of Cape Matapan v1.0? by Mario Kolic (Armory EQP)
Battle of Cape Matapan v2.0 by Mario Kolic (Armory EQP)
Taranto by Mario Kolic (Armory EQP) (two versions included)
Operation Sea Lion 1940 by tonymaxi (SEALION40_AM.SCN)
Operation Sea Lion 1940 (enhanced) v1.7 by Steve Strayer (Armory EQP)
Operation Sea Lion 1940 (enhanced) v1.8 by Steve Strayer (Armory EQP)
Operation Sea Lion 1942 by Chris C. (Armory EQP)
Operation Sea Lion 1944 by Unknown.
Operation Husky by Unknown.
Stalingrad by John Heidle (Armory EQP)
Crete (enhanced) by Mario Kolic (Armory EQP)
Mediterranean 2-pack naval Scenarios (ORAN and SPATH) by Mario Kolic (Armory EQP)
Z-Plan's France by Steve Strayer (Armory EQP)
Holland Invasion by Edwin Vos (Armory EQP)
Operation: Thor's Hammer by Oliver Korpilla (Armory EQP)
Libya by Edwin Vos
Warsaw by Steve Strayer
Jersey (JERSEY_CREMER.SCN) by Dirk Cremer
Kurland by Dirk Cremer
Zeeland (ZEELAND 44.SCN) by Dirk Cremer
Drive to Berlin II by JimmyA (BERLIN2.SCN)
Sink the Bismarck by Michael Egger (Armory EQP) (BISMARCK.SCN?)
Crossing the Rhine by Frank Emmler
Normandy Breakout by Unknown

PTO Scenario Pack (Armory EQP Required) (146~ kb ZIP)

This pack contains the following scenarios, with readme files also included.

Baker Island by Dirk Cremer
Arakan ‘43 by Unknown
Doolittle Raid by Unknown
Naval Battle of Guadalcanal by Edward Hayes
Savo Island Pack by Mario Kolic (SAVO_x_ SAVO and ESPERANCE)
Battle of Santa Cruz by Edward Hayes
Operation Japan Pack by Andrea Bigi (Olympic and Coronet+)
Iwo Jima by Unknown (IWOJIMA2)
Iwo Jima by Jimmy (IWOJIMA2_JIMMY)
Pacific Islands by Edwin Vos
Port Moresby by John Heidle
Midway II (MIDWAY2) by Unknown
Rabaul II by Unknown
Midway (Improved) by John Heidle (two versions)

‘What if’ Scenario Pack (Armory EQP Required) (242~ kb ZIP)

This pack contains the following scenarios, with readme files also included for most of them.

Artic Islands by Mario Kolic
Bermuda v1 and v2 by Mario Kolic (placeholder versions)
Falkland Islands: WW2 by Mario Kolic (two different versions)
Guantanamo, Cuba by Fred Chlanda
Naval Battle of La Plata by Mario Kolic
Persia 2-pack (PERSIA+ and PERSIA3) by Edward Hayes
Bovall (Sweden invaded) by Olof Friberg
Puerto Rico by Robert Alderson
Naval Battle of Mahe Isle 1946 by Kashanka
Jutland '41 by Dempsey (Maybe?)
Jutland by Mario Kolix (JUTLAND_MK)
Z-Plan's New England invasion by Steve Strayer
Washington by Dempsey (??? Am not sure this is the exact scenario)
Berlin Crisis by Sven F. Kremzow

Unknown Maker Scenario Pack (118~ kb ZIP)

Contains the following scenarios:

Mussolini’s Revenge
P_British Island
P_North Houston
P_North Texas
P_South Texas
Red Cobra
Red Lion

61-Scenario Pack (577~ kb ZIP)

These scenarios should work with almost all EQP files.


Theater Map Pack (150 kb ZIP)

This ZIP contains the maps originally in these collections: Asia/Pacific Theater and Americas (Western Hemisphere). The European/Africa Theater map collection (titled is missing in action due to the destruction of Compuserve.

Campaign Map Pack (212~ kb ZIP)

This ZIP contains the maps from these campaigns:

Clash of Eagles
Under the Rising Sun
Back in the USSR

Originally from

Panzer/Allied General “Rough Draft” Map Pack (214~ kb ZIP)

This ZIP contains all 77 maps from Panzer/Allied General that aren’t in Pacific General. These maps are identical to PG & AG, but are rough drafts that do need some polishing work. Thank Bill Haering for this contribution.

Originally from

Also of note here is the original unsorted ZIP containing Bill Haering’s original README for this map collection. (220~ kb ZIP).

Miscellaneous Map Pack (141~ kb ZIP)

This map pack contains the following Maps:


Fred Chlanda’s Snow Fix (10~ kb ZIP)

This patch fixes a bug with the original SSI PacGen game that occurs whenever it is snowing and a night turn occurs when snow is on the ground. If any fortification hexes are on the map when snow and night occur at the same time, instead of seeing fortification hexes, you'll see large black rectangles instead.

When this patch is applied, this error is corrected.

Bill Haering’s PacGen Campaign/Scenario Editor v1.03 (191~ kb ZIP)

Fred Chlanda’s PacMap v0.4 (449~ kb ZIP)

Fred Chlanda’s PacMap v0.50b (493~ kb ZIP)