Space Empires V Mods
(2006 Strategy First / Malfador Machinations)

Flagtastic v2.0

(12.8 MB ZIP)
(Example Image 1 in Game)
(Example Image 2 in Game)

How to Install: Unzip into your SE5 Folder\Pictures\Flags directory. If you try to put them into a mod folder, it just won't work.

What it Does: Adds the following flags to the game as selectable, in both stock game format and TNZ Small Flag Mod Format:

          Soviet Union
          Imperium of Man (WH40K)
          Galactic Empire (SW)
          Rebel Alliance (SW)
          Ayers Rock (for Baron Grazic)
          Victoria Bitter Booze (for Baron Grazic)
          Battlestar Galactica (new series)
          Cobra (GI Joe)
          WW2 Italy
          Nazi Germany
          West Germany
          East Germany
          Third Imperium (Traveller)
          United Nations
          South Korea