Strike Fighters 2
(2008-Present Third Wire Productions)

Strike Fighters 2 Compatible Hangar Maker (1~ MB ZIP)

What it Is: It’s a set of texture files for the VietnamSEA, IsraelME, GermanyCE, and Desert terrains that replace the runway textures with a flat green texture; creating a sort of “green screen” that you can then use to make a hangar screen in Photoshop.

Strike Fighters 2 WoE Style Hangar Screens Version 1.2 (40~ MB 7-zip) (Example Hangar Screen for F-107A)

What it Is: Adds WoE-style Hangar Screens to your Strike Fighters 2 install. There are about 300~; though several are repeats, like F-8H and F-8H_69. I have copied some aircraft INIs over and changed the hangar file pointers to more standard formats, e.g.

               instead of

So be careful when unzipping this as it may overwrite your custom INIs!

Strike Fighters 2 Combo Effect Pack (2.6~ MB 7-zip) (Strategic Afterburner Example)

What it Is: I went through my installed effects INIs and edited them, along with the other effects packs to make them SF2 shader compatible to fix missing effects like MiG-19 afterburners not appearing. I claim no ownership or creation rights for any of these effects; I just modded them to make them work in SF2, and then put them together to make it easier for other SF2 Owners.