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Created 3 December 2017

Battleground Waterloo Cyberstrategie Scenarios (90~ kb ZIP)

This file contains two sets of scenarios that shipped with the French strategy gaming magazine Cyberstrategie in the early days of the internet; and it was recovered from an online archive of the CD-ROMs that shipped with it.

West Front Cyberstrategie Scenarios (47.9~ kb ZIP)

This file contains scenarios that shipped with the French strategy gaming magazine Cyberstrategie in the early days of the internet; and it was recovered from an online archive of the CD-ROMs that shipped with it.

East Front Cyberstrategie Scenarios (60~ kb ZIP)

This file contains scenarios that shipped with the French strategy gaming magazine Cyberstrategie in the early days of the internet; and it was recovered from an online archive of the CD-ROMs that shipped with it.

Soldiers of Fire (“SOLDATS DU FEU”) East Front Mod (1.7~ MB ZIP)

This file contains a Firefighting themed “total conversion” for East Front that was included with the French strategy gaming magazine Cyberstrategie in the early days of the internet; and it was recovered from an online archive of the CD-ROMs that shipped with it.

K'Talan Mod for West Front, Version 1.1 by “Warhorse” (238 MB ZIP)


This mod is based on Harry Turtledove's WORLDWAR series from years ago, where an alien race has watched Earth via probes for thousands of years prior to an invasion to conquer Earth for colonization. The alien race however, experiences time differently than humans do – where they might advance very little in a thousand years, humans accelerate very quickly. The last feed the advancing armada of warships had viewed had showed a human race at about the level of the Viking era, an easy take-over.

Similarities to Harry’s book abound, however my aliens are called K’talans instead of The Race, and are humanoid in stature as opposed to the lizards of Harry's series. The vehicles in this mod are comparable to the 21st century hardware we have now, with some obvious limitations due to game engine restrictions, such as no infrared, no NBC capability, and a few others. The K’talan M’dra MBT is a very tough customer, having the equivalent of Chobham-type armor construction, and main armament capable of also firing missile munitions. The only good point for the human armies is that the armada only has so many units to fight with, so the loss of single vehicles in a unit can be catastrophic in a campaign, replacements for hardware being all but nil!!


As the lead ship approaches out of The Jump, another probe is sent out for one final pre-attack recon flight. You can only imagine the K’talans' surprise to find the human race is now at 1942, embroiled in a world war, and possess armored vehicles and aircraft!

Despite all the human equipment being very archaic in comparison to K’talan equipment, it appears the humans will not be as easy to conquer as first thought. However, too much time has passed, and the colony ships are already in motion towards Earth!

Thus, the decision to go forward with the planned invasion is made. The first unit to deploy is dropped near Kharkov, Russia, on the day of 16 May 1942, interrupting a battle in progress between two factions, the Germans and Russians. Only a battalion of mechanized infantry, a tank company, and reconnaissance and support elements from the 803d Mechanized Rifle Regiment are dropped from orbit as a recon in force towards a flank of the combatants to see what they will be up against.

Other ships dropping out of The Jump are instructed to take up positions over the evident leading factions of Earth to begin dropping of units as soon as the verdict is in from the battle near Kharkov.

How to Install:

1.) Go to the directory that you installed the Matrix Edition of the Campaign Series in – typically \Matrix Games\John Tiller's Campaign Series.

2.) Copy the West Front folder in the Campaign Series Folder and rename the duplicate folder as K'talan.

3.) Open up the file and unzip everything in the folder K'talan WF 1.1 to your new K'talan folder; overwriting when asked.

4.) The EXE files (WF.EXE, WFEDIT.EXE, WEST FRONT.EXE and WFORG.EXE) in the high level folder of are hex-edited versions of the 2011 era game executables to change the names inside the executable to “K'talan”, etc. You should not use these, as they have been overtaken by the 2014 era update to the Campaign series.

5.) Download and install the K'Talan Mod Scenario Pack, Complete (March 2016) which is just below this entry on this page; unzipping the files contained within to your new K'talan folder, overwriting when asked.

Notes on DCGs in this Mod:

There are two playable Dynamic Campaign Games (DCG's) in this mod – Crushing the Bugs and Hell in the Desert.

Crushing the Bugs needs no special notes to run correctly.

Hell in the Desert; however, requires the use of the included JSGME Mod Manager (JSGME.exe) to enable the following items (see screenshot below):

NOTE II on DCGs (IMPORTANT): When you complete a scenario in a DCG, it will appear to crash after the congratulations from the General. Just restart your game and resume from that position. This is most likely a result of Belgium (slot #12) not originally being in the DCG program list as used by WEST FRONT.

The official Forum for the K'Talan Mod:

K'Talan Mod Scenario Pack, Complete (March 2016) (677~ kb ZIP)

Contains the following scenarios:

Crossing the Albert by Mike Amos
[Albert Canal, Haccourt area, Belgium] : [H2H/Human] [FIC] [BB] [20 Turns]

As the K'talan slowly creep across Europe, the Allied Human Forces gather to block the aliens from attempting the crossing of the Albert Canal, then to flow down through Belgium into the Lower Countries. Elements of the 1st Army, 11th Tank division attempt this assault, whilst hastily gathered forces of the British 30th Corps, and US 5th Corps group together, with 12th SS Panzer Division attachments to push the aliens back. Best played as Human side.

David and Goliath by Mike Amos
[St. Vith, Belgium] : [H2H/Human] [FIC] [BB] [20 Turns]

The K'talan have slowly been getting the upper hand in the battle for Earth, despite being outnumbered, thanks to superior firepower. For months the Human forces have been working on a solution to this dilemma, first rushing forth a tank design being more of a tank destroyer than anything, called the T95 105mm GMC. While this stop-gap armored vehicle was mediocre in design and had only a marginal chance of defeating alien armor, it was very heavy, super slow, and could be destroyed fairly easy.

Scientists from all over the world had been working on yet another design, this one a hybrid of captured alien weaponry, and cutting edge armor development. The armor was an early form of what would eventually become Chobham, similar to what the aliens possessed, but still not nearly as resilient. The guns were manufactured from reverse-engineering the aliens guns, and fired captured stocks of their ammunition, the major drawback of the tank. This being said, there were limited amounts available, and were distributed among all armies of the world as available. Today, the first use of the UP 45 "David" would occur, unbeknownst to the aliens!! All leaders of the 2nd Armored Division hold their breath as the monsters await the advancing M'dra armor.

First Contact by Mike Amos
[Veseloye near Liptsy, 25km NE of Kharkov]:[H2H\HUMAN]:[FIC]:[BB] [20 Turns]

Actually the first scenario in the whole series. Originally made for the defunct East Front version of this mod, then remade as a West Front scenario.

While the Soviet summer offensive to recapture Kharkov continued, Timoshenko's northern jaw struck towards the city from Volchansk. Against the massed divisions of the Soviet 28th Army the German lines were again overwhelmed. General Paulus, commanding the German Sixth Army, employed all available units against the Russian torrent bursting through the lines. Kharkov had to be held and the 3rd and 23rd Panzer Divisions were rushed to intercept. Arriving just in time, a strike group from the 3rd Panzer, slammed into the flank of the Soviet spearhead as its leading elements struck remnants of the battle weary German 514th Regiment/294th Infantry Division near Veseloye. Thanks to the timely arrival of the panzer divisions the Russian thrust at Kharkov was stopped, literally at the last moment, 20 kilometers from the city. As this was occurring, strange-looking armored vehicles approached from the rear of the Germans, wreaking havoc on both already weary troops of both sides! Stunned, the Soviets join in the fray with their former enemies against this new threat. Elements of the K'talan Imperial 803rd Mechanized Rifle Regiment have just met in battle with the human enemy!!

Invasion: Malta! by Mike Amos
[Malta, Mediterranean Sea] [100 Turns]

The K'talan effort in the desert regions is slowly being achieved, with heavy losses. It is decided to conquer a series of islands in the area known as the Mediterranean, so that isolated base and factories can be set up, with little or no chance of attacks by the Humans. Malta is chosen first, it seems pretty well defended, but shouldn't be too hard to take over with a Dropship assault. It will be done with three Regimental size drops in three of the more remote areas. The 20th Division assets will be kept out of it, with the exception of the 20th Tactical Missile Battalion, as to keep down logistics. Operations thinks the Regiments with indigenous assets can do the job. First in will be a company of Special forces at each dropzone to set up perimeters. Immediately after the Special forces are in, the huge Dropships will discharge the entire Regiments at the individual DZ's simultaneously. It seems the Humans have just started receiving help in the form of former enemy troops as well, so as they are inbound on the island as well, speed will be necessary! Best played as the K'talan.

Kick 'em out! by Mike Amos
[Gerbini, Sicily, Italy]: [H2H/Human]:[FIC]:[BB] [15 Turns]
[Requires Alt Italian camo via JSGME]

The K'talan are having an extremely hard time with subduing the Mediterranean area of Earth, as well as most of the rest of this miserable planet. Orders from the Emperor dictate the taking of an island country/state of Sicily, for use as an isolated base where maybe some factories can be set up to try and facilitate replacement of horrendous losses in hardware. Sure, not so easy, as usual, instead of committing an entire unit to an action, they are dropped in piecemeal! This time again, only elements of a division are dropped into an isolated area, luck of the draw goes to the 241st Mechanized Rifle Regiment. The First Battalion, Reinforced works its way up the approaches to a town called Gerbini, where they will bivouac for the night. A newly formed Italian Armored infantry division has found us this time, those Germans have boosted the Italian fighting capability by introducing some of their machines into the Italian ranks. Well, here it goes again, as our esteemed Divisional Commander loves to rant, let's kick 'em out!

Slogging Northward by Mike Amos
[Near Mignano, Italy]: [H2H/K'talan][FIC][BB] [20 Turns]

The K'talan invaders slowly work their way through Italy, attempting to subdue the defenders throughout the mountainous country. Now that the human factions have banded together, things are just getting tougher. Here, elements of the K'talan 3rd Shock Army, 10th Tank Division, 10th Mech Rifle Regiment advance against a fortified blockade of the human US 36th Infantry Division. Tank support is very little, and what there is is already sub par in full TOE levels.

Squeezeplay by Mike Amos
[Best played as Human] [250 Turns]

The K'talan have been here for over 3 years, and still no closer to subduing this miserable place. Now, orders have been given to the 6th Motorized Rifle Division to push through North across the river, to link up with the rest of the 20th Tank Army. There has been a lot of human encrypted radio chatter, but advance scouts only saw a few scattered units. Encouraged by this, the Division plunges forward to cross the river quickly, soon though their elation is replaced by astonishment. The humans have again surprised the superior race with units on all three sides of the advance, this will be a long day. This unit was the hope of the 20th Army, it is a fresh unit with vital replacements, full TO&E, they can't afford to lose valuable hardware!

A massive envelopment is put into motion, can the K'talan unit make it to the 20th? As the United Earth Army, try to crush this fresh division, before it can either head off-map North, or spread out and gain a stable defense. As the K'talan, your mission is to head North only if minimal casualties are envisioned, in the case of a hardened battle, try to take ground while setting up a defensive line.

Thorn in the Side by Mike Amos
[Drulingen, Alsace, France]: [H2H/K'talan] [FIC] [BB] [20 Turns]

Since landing on Earth a month ago progress has been slow in the colonization of this planet. Initial recon reports from space 1000 years earlier had shown an easily subdued species inhabiting the planet. However, when the first military armada even started to fall out of hyperspace outside the solar system, they were greeted with radio transmissions! The 1st Imperial Army is landed, spread out over many of the land masses of the planet anyway, in high spirits of an easy victory, regardless of intel that the inhabitants, called humans possess crude military weaponry, and seem to be in the midst of a major conflict over the Western part of the land mass known as Europe. The 27th Division has been charged with the taking of the environs of a place called France, but here, a month later is still struggling to make many gains. 347 Kilometers East of the city of Paris elements of a reinforced reconnaissance force again strike out to the West to see what awaits them. A force of the German element of these primitives designated the 1st Army also is standing in the way, and seems quite resilient... [Use all options]

* * * * * *