Lore and Legend of The English Church
George S. Tyack


At Zennor one of the bench-ends has the figure of a mermaid, “whereby,” according to local tradition, “hangs a tale.” Many, many years ago, so they say, a beautiful lady came to the church at Zennor, and sang so divinely as to enrapture all who heard; none saw whence she came, or whither she went, and although she appeared at intervals for several years, she never seemed to grow older.

One young man, bolder than the rest, or more enchanted, at last followed her when she left the church one Sunday; but he never returned to tell his tale.

Long after this a vessel sailed into Pendower Cove one Sunday, and cast anchor; when a lovely mermaid rose from the water, and politely asked the skipper to shift his mooring, as his cable barred the entrance to her dwelling.

On the report of this incident reaching Zennor, it was at once felt that this must be the mysterious stranger who had beguiled the young man away. And here to this day is her effigy in the church.