Table of Contents

Space Race Related Speeches and Memorandums

Space Race Insignia and Heraldry

Origins of Space-Related Names

Historical/Proposed Space Costs

US Manned Space Launch Statistics (1961-2011)


Dispatches from the Red Planet (Humor from Slashdot)

Specific Missions

First Words spoken on the Moon by the Apollo Astronauts
Apollo 11 Customs Form by Hawaii Customs (1 MB PDF)

Launch Vehicles and Associated Equipment

The Saturn Family
Titan II GLV
Titan III
Carrier Aircraft Studies/Concepts

Spacecraft and Associated Equipment

The Post-Apollo Era (Apollo Extension, Apollo Applications, Skylab)
Rockwell Star-Raker

Space Technologies

State of the Art and Developing Trends in Space Transportation (April 1962) (PDF)

Official NASA Histories

SP-4205 – Chariots for Apollo: A History of Manned Lunar Spacecraft

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