Franklin D. Roosevelt Library
Map Room Papers, 1941-1945
Box 162
Folder: Naval Aide's Files

(A1-1) Habbakuks (Floating Airdromes for Asia Theatre) July 1942-January 1945




September 16, 1942



My dear Mr. President:

Since you approved of my proposal to expedite in every possible way the completion of aircraft carriers now under construction, I have taken some rather energetic steps in this direction. Of course, the first condition laid down is that nothing in this line must be done to delay in any way the schedule of completion of the tank landing craft program but, with regards to all other types, the maximum of pressure it to be applied on behalf of the carriers.

The three principal yards building carriers are those at Fore River, Newport News, and New York Ship. I have had the manager of each of these yards in to the Department for conferences with myself. Mike Robinson and his staff, and Joe Powell, who took charge so successfully of expediting the program for battleships, has taken on this job. I think we will be able to forward the commissioning dates by a considerable period of time as a result.

In light of the news today from the Southwest Pacific, this effort takes on an added emphasis.

Yours sincerely,


The President
The White House