Franklin D Roosevelt Library
The President's Secretary's File (PSF), 1933-1945
Series 2: Confidential File
Box 7
Folder: Navy Department, 1943


21 SEP 1943


Memorandum for The President

1. Due to changing war conditions, the Commander in Chief, United States Fleet and Chief of Naval Operations has recommended and I have approved that the total of the Destroyer Escorts to be reduced to 600 vessels.

2. This involves a further reduction of 200 ships in addition to the 205 Destroyer Escorts recently cancelled with your approval.

3. It is proposed so to arrange contract cancellations as not to arrest the momentum already created, and not to lessen the sense of urgency among shop workers and management. Some of the material on part of this reduction has been fabricated but a large amount can be allocated to other purposes.

4. Your approval of this action is requested


Sepr 23
Franklin D Roosevelt”

Original Returned to Acting
Secty Navy 9/25/43