Franklin D Roosevelt Library
The President's Secretary's File (PSF), 1933-1945
Series 2: Confidential File
Box 7
Folder: Navy Department, 1943

Original initialed as [illegible] 9/9/43
And returned to Navy 9/10/43


9 SEP 1943

Memorandum for The President

1. In order to make facilities, material, and manpower available for the construction of the increased landing craft program decided upon in the recent British-American conference, and in line with the recent developments in submarine warfare, I have approved the cancellation of construction of the following ships:

205   Destroyer Escorts (DE)
40     173' Patrol Craft (PC).

2. This cancellation will leave 800 destroyer escorts built and building, all to be finished by June 1945; and 359 173' patrol craft built and building, all to be finished the end of 1944.

3. None of these ships have been started and no waste of materials is involved.

4. Your approval of this action is requested.