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World War III
Table of Contents

Documents Relating to World War 3

Samuel T. Glasstone’s An Introduction to Nuclear Weapons Revealed

Strategic Offense

U.S. Nuclear War Plan Designations (1961-Present)

Strategic Defense

CIA Estimates of Soviet Strategic Defenses 1967-1973
U.S. CONAD Air Defense Identification Zones and Commands circa 1957
SA-1/SA-2/SA-3 Deployments around Moscow as assessed by the CIA – October 1962
SA-2/SA-3 Deployments in the USSR as assessed by the CIA – October 1962
SA-2 Deployments in Eastern Europe as assessed by the CIA – October 1962
SA-2 Deployments in Germany as assessed by the CIA – October 1962

Special Cold War Units

The Circle Trigonists (Aggressors)

Civil Defense (United States)

Civil Defense Courses Offered, 1965 to 1966
Civil Defense Organization, Ranks and Insignia (1940-196?)

Civil Defense Awards and Medals (Unknown Time Period)
Civil Defense Signage for Bomb/Fallout Shelters
Patents assigned to Civil Defense (1940-196?)

The Cuban Missile Crisis - 1962

Order of Battle
Soviet Union
R. Malinovsky and M. Zakharov, Memorandum on Deployment of Soviet Forces to Cuba, 24 May 1962
Text of General Staff summary diagram of Anadyr, 20 June 1962
Memorandum from R. Malinovsky to N.S. Khrushchev, 6 September 1962
Memorandum, R. Malinovsky and M. Zakharov to Commander of Group of Soviet Forces in Cuba, 8 September 1962
Memorandum; R. Malinovsky to N.S. Khrushchev, 28 October 1962 (U-2 Shootdown)
United States
Cuban Army Order of Battle – CIA Letter (41 kb PDF)
Timing Factors for Air Strikes (25 October 1962) (47 kb PDF)
US Posture and Force Levels (25 October 1962) (425 kb PDF)
JFK’s “Airstrike” Speech (1.3 MB PDF)
CINCSAC Thomas Powers’ Clear-Text Speech to SAC on 24 October 1962

Chinese Wars and Conflicts

The China-India Border War (1962) by James B. Calvin, USN

Israel/Arab Wars and Conflicts

Order of the Day – David Ben-Gurion (31 May 1948)

The Iranian Revolution and Hostage Crisis

Iranian Consulate General Press Release on Occupation of U.S. Embassy in Tehran
United States
Iran in the 1980s (CIA, Excerpt, full text is available at the PDF icon)
Iranian Study (U.S. State Department)
Major End-Items delivered to Iran under FMS (DSAA, 1979)
U.S./Iranian Military Relationship (State; 1977)
U.S. Personnel in Iran (DSAA, 1979)
Iranian Arms Imports, 1950-1980

Secondary Articles

The World War That Never Was: NATO Versus The Warsaw Pact