Documents of
World War III

Treaties relating to the Cold War/World War III

ABM Treaty (Complete Text of all Protocols, Understandings, and Agreements from 1972 to 2001)
ABM Treaty Transmittal Statement from the White House to the U.S. Congress

Military Technologies

Tank Ammo Section Report No. 107: A Comparison of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Depleted Uranium and Tungsten Alloy as Penetrator Materials – June 1980 (1.33 MB PDF)

The Militarily Critical Technologies List (MCTL) Part II: Weapons of Mass Destruction Technologies (February 1998)

MCTL-98-II Introduction, Table of Contents (75 KB PDF)
MCTL-98-II Section 1 – Means of Delivery Technology (388 KB PDF)
MCTL-98-II Section 2 – Information Systems Technology (212 KB PDF)
MCTL-98-II Section 3 – Biological Weapons Technology (215 KB PDF)
MCTL-98-II Section 4 – Chemical Weapons Technology (424 KB PDF)
MCTL-98-II Section 5 – Nuclear Weapons Technology (1 MB PDF)
MCTL-98-II Section 6 – Nuclear Weapons Effects Technology (250 KB PDF)
MCTL-98-II Appendixes, Index (508 KB PDF)

Nuclear Weapons Effects

Fire Effects of Bombing Attacks (1950) (2.6 MB PDF)

AFP 136-1-3 The Effects of Nuclear Weapons (June 1956) (25 MB PDF)

P-2745 – Thermal Radiation from Nuclear Explosions (August 1963) (1.2 MB PDF)
P-3026 – Fireball Phenomenology (October 1964) (2 MB PDF)

Defense Nuclear Agency Effects Manual Number 1 - Capabilities of Nuclear Weapons (1 July 1972)

DNA EM-1 Part I (32~ MB PDF)
DNA EM-1 Part II (29.8 MB PDF)

The Effects of Nuclear Weapons, Third Edition (1977)

CHAPTER 1: General Principles of Nuclear Explosions (3.2 MB PDF)
CHAPTER 2: Descriptions of Nuclear Explosions. (7.5 MB PDF)
CHAPTER 3: Air Blast Phenomena in Air and Surface Bursts (4.5 MB PDF)
CHAPTER 4: Air Blast Loading (2.7 MB PDF)
CHAPTER 5: Structural Damage from Air Blast (9.4 MB PDF)
CHAPTER 6: Shock Effects of Surface and Subsurface Bursts (5.2 MB PDF)
CHAPTER 7: Thermal Radiation and Its Effects (5.5 MB PDF)
CHAPTER 8: Initial Nuclear Radiation (6.4 MB PDF)
CHAPTER 9: Residual Nuclear Radiation and Fallout (7.6 MB PDF)
CHAPTER 10: Radio and Radar Effects (6 MB PDF)
CHAPTER 11: The Electromagnetic Pulse and its Effects (3.3 MB PDF)
CHAPTER 12: Biological Effects (9.8 MB PDF)

Post Attack Recovery and Civil Defense

OCD Publication 3401-1: Forest Fire Fighters Service (December 1942) (2.2 MB PDF)

United States Citizen Defense Corps (Unknown Date) (15 MB PDF)

Enrolled Volunteer Groups For Civilian Protection (August 1941) (2.9 MB PDF)

Civilian Protection: Why, What, How, Who, Where, When (October 1941) (1.6 MB PDF)

A Handbook for Messengers (December 1941) (5.5 MB PDF)

Fort Detrick BW Reconstitution Letter (10 July 1957) (1.3 MB PDF)

TB-11-1: Emergency Exposures to Nuclear Radiation (October 1958) (PDF)

TB-11-19: Protection against Fallout Radiation (October 1958) (PDF)

Civil Defense Messenger ID Card

Safety Notification Card – Post Office Form 810 (February 1959)

Canadian Emergency Change of Address Postcard (Blue Card)

Canadian Safety Notification Postcard (Pink Card)

U.S. Civil Service Commission; Employee Letter A-103 (13 November 1962)

Office of Civil Defense Research Report No. 10: Probability of Effective Post-Attack Fire Fighting in Wildlands (March 1965) (400 KB PDF)

DPCA Standards for Local Civil Defense and Disaster Preparedness, Final Draft (June 1972) (7.5 MB PDF)

CPG 1-1 Introduction to Civil Preparedness (July 1975) (5.3 MB PDF)

CPG 1-6 Disaster Operations – A Handbook for Local Governments (July 1972) (24.8 MB PDF)

CPG 1-19 Guidance for Development of An Emergency Fallout Shelter Stocking Plan (July 1978) (PDF)

CPG 2-1 DCPA Attack Environment Manual (June 1973)

Chapter 1: Introduction to Nuclear Emergency Operations (3.9 MB PDF)
Chapter 2: What the Planner Needs to Know about Blast and Shock (13.3 MB PDF)
Chapter 3: What the Planner Needs to Know about Fire Ignition and Spread (8.9 MB PDF)
Chapter 4: What the Planner Needs to Know about Electromagnetic Pulse (2.5 MB PDF)
Chapter 5: What the Planner Needs to Know about Initial Nuclear Radiation (1.5 MB PDF)
Chapter 6: What the Planner Needs to Know about Fallout (7.2 MB PDF)
Chapter 7: What the Planner Needs to Know about the Shelter Environment (8.1 MB PDF)
Chapter 8: What the Planner Needs to Know about the Post-Shelter Environment (5 MB PDF)
Chapter 9: Application to Emergency Operations Planning (5 MB PDF)

SC-5600.1 Federal/State and Local Civil Preparedness Relationships (August 1972) (1.4 MB PDF)

ORNL-5037 Nuclear War Survival Skills (September 1979) (15.9 MB PDF)

DOD/OCD H-6: Fallout Protection – What to Know and do About Nuclear Attack (December 1961) (2.6 MB PDF)

USNRDL-TR-659 Civil Defense Utilization of Ships and Boats (16 July 1963) (9.3 MB PDF)

Main Body

USDA Food Allowances Post-Attack (1976)

FEMA Nuclear Attack Planning Base – 1990 (NAPB-1990) (April 1987)

NAPB-1990 Main Report (3.29 MB PDF)
NAPB-1990 Annex A: Direct Effects & Fire Risk Statistics & Maps (4.25 MB PDF)
NAPB-1990 Annex B: Fallout Risk Statistics & Map (6.11 MB PDF)

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Post-Attack Plan (1992) (PDF)

Fortifications (Air Defense, Missile Defense, Missile Silos, etc)

FEMA 426: Reference Manual to Mitigate Potential Terrorist Attacks Against Buildings (December 2003) (12.9 MB PDF)
FEMA 427: Primer for Design of Commercial Buildings to Mitigate Terrorist Attacks (December 2003) (6.16 MB PDF)
FEMA 430: Site and Urban Design for Security: Guidance against Potential Terrorist Attacks (December 2003) (36.6 MB PDF)

EM 1110 Series: Design of Structures to Resist the Effects of Atomic Weapons
EM 1110-345-413 DSREAW: Weapons Effects Data (1 July 1959) (10.1 MB PDF)
EM 1110-345-420 DSREAW: Arches and Domes (15 January 1960 (3.5 MB PDF)
EM 1110-345-421 DSREAW: Buried and Semiburied Structures (15 January 1960) (2.1 MB PDF)

UFC 3-340-13 Basic Guidelines for Chemical Hardening of New Military Facilities (16 January 2004) (9 MB PDF)

TM 3-220 Chemical, Biological, and Radiological (CBR) Decontamination

TM 5-1300 Structures to Resist the Effects of Accidental Explosions (November 1990) (73 MB PDF)

TM 5-311 Military Protective Construction: Nuclear Warfare and Chemical and Biological Operations (May 1965)

TM 5-855 Series:

TM 5-855-1 Fundamentals of Protective Design for Conventional Weapons (3 November 1986)
TM 5-855-2 Protection against Chemical and Biological Agents and Radiological Fallout (19 January 1961)
TM 5-855-3 Protective Design, Antisabotage Measures (1965?)
TM 5-855-4 Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning of Hardened Installations (28 November 1986)
TM 5-855-5 Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse (NEMP) Protection (15 Feburary 1974)

TM 5-856 Series – Design of Structures to Resist the Effects of Atomic Weapons

TM 5-856-1 DSREAW: Weapons Effects Data
TM 5-856-3 Design of Structures to Resist Effects of Weapons
TM 5-856-4 Design of Structures to Resist Atomic Weapons
TM 5-856-5 DSREAW: Single-Story Frame Building (July 1965)
TM 5-856-6 DSREAW: Multi-Story Frame Building
TM 5-856-7 DSREAW: Shear Wall Structures (January 1958)
TM 5-856-8 DSREAW: Arches and Domes (January 1960)
TM 5-856-9 DSREAW: Buried/Semi-Buried Structures

TM 5-857 Series:


TM 5-858 Series: Designing Facilities to Resist Nuclear Weapon Effects

TM 5-858-1 DFAC-RNWE: Facilities System Engineering (31 October 1983)
TM 5-858-2 DFAC-RNWE: Weapons Effects (6 July 1984)
TM 5-858-3 DFAC-RNWE: Structures (6 July 1984) (16 MB PDF)
TM 5-858-4 DFAC-RNWE: Shock Isolation Systems (11 June 1984)
TM 5-858-5 DFAC-RNWE: Air Entrainment, Fasteners, Penetration Protection, Hydraulic Surge Protective Devices and EMP Protective Devices (15 Dec 1983) (3.83 MB PDF)
TM 5-858-6 DFAC-RNWE: Hardness Verification (31 August 1984) (7.3 MB Internet Archive PDF) (2.53 MB Google Books PDF)
TM 5-858-7 DFAC-RNWE: Facilities Support Systems (Incl C1) (15 October 1983) (354 KB PDF)
TM 5-858-8 DFAC-RNWE: Illustrative Examples (14 Aug 1985) (4.1 MB Google Books PDF)

These Technical Manuals were superseded by the following Unified Facilities Criteria:

TM 5-858-1 = UFC 3-340-02AN
TM 5-858-2 = UFC 3-340-03AN
TM 5-858-3 = UFC 3-340-04AN
TM 5-858-4 = UFC 3-340-05AN
TM 5-858-5 = UFC 3-340-06AN
TM 5-858-6 = UFC 3-340-07AN
TM 5-858-7 = UFC 3-340-08AN
TM 5-858-8 = UFC 3-340-09AN

ABM/SAM Systems

Speech: Defence of the North American Continent (30 November 1953) (1.3 MB PDF)

Risks involved in the Nike-Zeus Program (3 December 1958) (6.8 MB PDF)

Memorandum on ABM Progress from SecDef to the President (10 December 1958) (8.4~ MB PDF)

Alternate Memorandum on ABM Progress from SecDef to the President (10 December 1958) (46 KB PDF)

PSAC Panel on AICBM – Minutes of the Meeting of 17 December 1958 (10 February 1959) (121 KB PDF)

NIKE “Blue Book” (1 December 1959 to 1 January 1965) (10.5 MB PDF)

Report of the AICBM Panel (21 May 1959) (327 KB PDF)

Statement concerning the Army's Role in Air Defense (22 May 1959) (108 KB PDF)

Excerpts from the Report of the AICBM Panel (4 November 1959)

Memorandum on the Anti-Ballistic Missile Weapon System Program from SecDef to POTUS (23 April 1960) (111 KB PDF)

Memorandum on Nike-Zeus (18 October 1960) (108 KB PDF)

Excerpts from ODDR&E Assessment of Ballistic Missile Program (17 April 1961) (3.86 KB TXT)

Excerpts from the Report of the Ad Hoc Panel on Nuclear Testing (21 July 1961) (212 KB PDF)

Excerpts from Memorandum to the President on the Program for Deployment of Nike-Zeus (30 September 1961) (422 KB PDF) (Note: Due to poor quality of scan, only a few excerpts are HTMLed. The full document is available at the PDF link)

Memorandum on the Limited Deployment of NIKE-ZEUS (23 October 1961) (267 KB PDF)

Excerpt from Report on the Proposed Army-BTL Ballistic Missile Defense System (29 October 1965) (630 byte TXT)

Report of the Task Force on Ballistic Missile Defense (15 September 1966) (644 KB PDF)

JCSM-111-69: SENTINEL Program Review (26 February 1969) (174 kb PDF)

SENTINEL Deployment (14 May 1969) (214 kb PDF)

Chronology of the Development of Ballistic Missile Defense (1955 to Current FY) (14 July 1970) (2.26 MB PDF)

SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: Introduction and Overview (3 January 1975) (9.3~ MB PDF)

ABM Research and Development at Bell Laboratories (October 1975) (21.7 MB PDF)

DARPA Technical Accomplishments – Volume II (April 1991) (22.4 MB PDF)

Hardened Shelters/Silos

JCS 2101/294 - Provision of Blast Shelters at SAC Bases (21 February 1958) (232 KB PDF)

Memorandum on Vulnerability of Atlas Missile Sites (3 December 1959) (24 KB PDF)

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

General Operational Requirement for an ACE IRBM System (9 December 1958) (170 kb PDF)

Warsaw Pact


Informal remarks by Czechoslovak Chief of General Staff, Gen. Otakar Rytif, at a Confidential Meeting of General Staff Officials, Prague (13 March 1968)

Memorandum by Thirty Scholarly Associates of the Military Political Academy and Military Technical Academy for the Czechoslovak Communist Party Central Committee (4 June 1968)


Statute of the Unified Command of the Member States of the Warsaw Treaty (7 September 1955)

Memorandum on the Warsaw Treaty and the Development of the Armed Forces of the People's Republic of Poland (10 January 1957)

Memorandum by the Polish Ministry of National Defense (26 January 1966)

US/UK Agreements and Memoranda

Procedures for the Committing to the Attack of Nuclear Retaliatory Forces in the United Kingdom – 1958
Aide Memoire – Launching of Nuclear Reprisal – 14 May 1958
Operational Status of Thor [Missiles] – 12 May 1959
Letter to Secretary of Defense concerning Genie for U.K. Air Defense Forces – 17 June 1959
Request for Authority to Provide Atomic Weapons for U.K. Air Defense Forces – 15 October 1959

United States – Aircraft

Memorandum on Capabilities of Entire USAF Considering Atomic vs H.E. Weapons - Specific Inference to Matsu and Quemoy Applications (31 March 1955) (166 KB PDF)

Telegram to CINCSAC regarding B-47 crash at Lakenheath AFB (22 July 1956) (32 KB PDF)

Memorandum on the B-47's Conventional Capability (1 November 1957) (70 KB PDF)

B-52 Penetration Aids Modification Program (20 February 1959) (105 KB PDF)

Memorandum on the B-70 Weapons System by Thomas S Power (11 August 1959) (186 KB PDF)

Memorandum to the President: Problems of the B-70 Project (12 February 1960) (47 KB PDF)

Memorandum on Concept of B-70 Weapon System (19 September 1960) (76 KB PDF)

National Security Action Memorandum 24 – RB-47 Reconnaissance Flights (27 February 1961) (118 KB PDF)

Memorandum Urging Delaying of B-47 Phaseout (6 April 1964) (254 KB PDF)

DoD Internal Releases on the YF-12A Project (August 1965 to July 1966) (57 KB PDF)

Telegram concerning use of F-106 as ASAT carrier (April 1971) (86 KB PDF)

United States – Missiles

Excerpts from ZN-7-366: Range and Guidance and Accuracy Capability of the ATLAS Missile System (6 June 1960) (5.9~ MB PDF – PDF file has the full document; the HTML is an excerpt of the interesting parts.)

Excerpts of Congressional Hearings on USAF Missile Procurement (reliability goals etc) (16 May 1961) (1.39~ MB PDF)

United States – Ground Weaponry

US Army Chief of Ordnance

TIR 3-1-3M2 DEVELOPMENT OF 120-MM GUN TANK, T57 (April 1954) (444~ kb PDF)

TIR 3-1-3P1 DEVELOPMENT OF 155-MM GUN TANK, T58 (April 1954) (514~ kb PDF)

TIR 3-1-2H1 DEVELOPMENT OF 90-MM GUN TANK, T49 (April 1956) (647~ kb PDF)

TIR 3-1-2H4 DEVELOPMENT OF 90-MM GUN TANK, T69 (February 1956) (446~ kb PDF)

TIR 6-9-6A1(3) DEVELOPMENT OF 105-MM HIGH-EXPLOSIVE-PLASTIC SHELL, M327 (T81E28) (December 1957) (539~ kb PDF)

US Army Material Command

M-14 Rifle Cost Analysis Report; Tech Report 68-4 (October 1968) (1.43 MB PDF)

United States – Miscellaneous Papers

The Role of the U.S. Merchant Marine in National Security - NAS-NRC Report 748 (1959) (1.6~ MB PDF)

IDA Study S-467 The Evolution of U.S. Strategic Command and Control and Warning; 1945-1972 (23 MB PDF)

RDA-TR-4301-001: A Soviet Paramilitary Attack on U.S. Nuclear Forces – A Concept (November 1974) (885 KB PDF)

The RAND Corporation

R-237: Implications of large-yield nuclear weapons (10 July 1952) (578~ kb PDF)

RM-868: Implications of potential weapon developments for strategic bombing and air defense (10 July 1952) (1.39 MB PDF)

U.S. Department of Defense

Atomic Capable Aircraft (No Date Given) (322 kb PDF)

Possible Acquisition of Greenland by the United States (27 January 1955) (827 kb PDF)

Letter to President regarding Custody of Atomic Weapons (23 March 1956) (72~ KB PDF)

Chronological Histories of Army Surface to Air Missiles as of 1 March 1958 (1.7 MB PDF)

Weapons Systems for Strategic Delivery (20 January 1959) (55 kb PDF)

Weapon Systems Information [F-108 / Minuteman] (24 July 1959) (131 kb PDF)

An Evaluation of Some Feasible 1969 U.S. Strategic Force Compositions (16 March 1961) (739 kb PDF)

DDRE Project No. 41: Reassess the SKYBOLT project as presently oriented and for possible use in connection with weapons systems other than the B-52 (11 May 1961) (1.7~ MB PDF)

GAM-87A Skybolt Revised Program (2 December 1961) (105 kb PDF)

Statement by Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara on the RS-70 (14 March 1962) (578 kb PDF)

Recommended FY 1964-FY 1968 Strategic Retaliatory Forces (21 November 1962) (1.5 MB PDF)

SecDef Project List for CY 1964, Item III b. [Polaris A3 / Minuteman II Successors] (15 September 1964) (523 kb PDF)

CM-159-64: Minuteman Missile Reliability (1 October 1964) (178 kb PDF)

Recommended FY 1967-FY 1971 Strategic Retaliatory Forces (90% Transcribed) (1 November 1965) (1.5~ MB PDF)

SAC ICBM Status, 3 May 1967 (16 kb PDF)

Third Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on Penetration (15 September 1967) (355 kb PDF)

JCSM-297-69: TALOS Contingency Plan (FRACTURE PINE) (15 May 1969) (149 kb PDF)

Review of US Contingency Plans [for Korea] by Washington Special Actions Group (25 June 1969) (1.7~ MB PDF)

History of the Strategic Arms Competition: 1945-1972 (March 1981) (29 MB PDF)

Narrative Summaries of Accidents involving U.S. Nuclear Weapons 1950-1980 (April 1981) (617 kb PDF)

U.S. National Security Council (NSC)

NSC 30: United States Policy on Atomic Warfare (10 September 1948) (220~ kb PDF)

NSC 76: U.S. Courses of Action in the event Soviet forces enter Korean hostilities (21 July 1950) (93~ kb PDF)

NSC 77: National Manpower Mobilization Policy (1 August 1950) (199~ kb PDF)

NSC 79: United States and Allied war objectives in the event of Global War (25 August 1950) (115~ kb PDF)

NSD 203: Revised Guidelines for Stockpile Planning (6 February 1973) (70 kb PDF)

U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS)

JCS 2019/238 – Implementing Instructions for the Expenditure of Nuclear Weapons (15 August 1957) (191~ KB PDF)

JCS 1899/398 – Launching of the Strategic Air Command Alert Force (10 March 1958) (57~ KB PDF)

Instructions for Expenditure of Nuclear Weapons in Emergency Conditions (December 1959) (132 KB PDF)

Attack of Hardened Targets In FY 1966 (Unknown Date) (70 kb PDF)

Possible Acquisition of Greenland by the United States (21 January 1955) (4.4~ MB PDF)

To Holders of JCS 1620/66: Request for Missile Firing Results (5 November 1959) (283~ kb PDF)

U.S. JCS: Weapons Systems Evaluation Group (WSEG)

WSEG Report No 12 Briefing - “Evaluation of an Atomic Offensive in Support of the Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan”

WSEG Report 45: Potential Contribution of Nike-Zeus to Defense of the U.S. Population and its Industrial Base and the U.S. Retaliatory System (23 September 1959) (5.3 MB PDF)

U.S. European Command (USEURCOM)

USCINCEUR Unilateral Planning for Use of Tripartite Forces with Respect to Berlin (22 September 1961) (15~ MB PDF)

U.S. Air Force

Related to Strategic Air Command (SAC)

Commander's Conference (USAF) – SAC Presentation (25-27 April 1950) (2.3 MB PDF)
Commander's Conference (USAF) (26 April 1950) (3.9 MB PDF)

General LeMay's Diary (22-23 January 1951) (62 KB PDF)

Comments on AFCGM Memo for Director of Guided Missiles, OSD dated 21 February 1953 (24 Feb 1954) (46~ kb PDF)

Memorandum for General Twining on the Ability of Aircraft Carriers to contribute to the SAC Offensive (6 June 1955) (133 KB PDF)

Memorandum for General Twining on allocation of Nuclear Weapons (6 June 1955) (72~ kb PDF)

LeMay to Armstrong on B-47 Deployments (26 July 1955) (122 kb PDF)

SAC Position on Missiles (26 November 1955) (135 KB PDF)

Curtis E. LeMay Remarks at Commander's Conference (January 1956) (950~ KB PDF)

CSAFM-72-58 Launching of the Strategic Air Command Alert Force (10 March 1956) (58 kb PDF)

Commander's Conference; Strategic Air Command (9 July 1956) (375~ KB PDF)

Blast-Off Commander's Conference, Strategic Air Command (Partial Copy – about 50 pages have been deleted) (12 February 1957) (1 MB PDF)

An Air Force Concept for an Optimum Military Strategy (7 May 1957) (618~ kb PDF)

Speech given by Curtis E LeMay at Patrick AFB on the Operational Side of Air Offense (21 May 1957) (516~ KB PDF)

Defense Against Possible Guided Missiles Program Reduction (2 August 1957) (290 kb PDF)

Memorandum on SAC's Alert Posture by Thomas Power (21 October 1957) (120~ KB PDF)

ICBM Scientific Advisory committee to the Secretary of the Air Force, Meeting of 16-17 December 1957 (114 kb PDF)

R/W Final Report on Advanced Guidance Systems Study, Phase I (26 December 1957) (95~ kb PDF)

"Q" Program Schedules (23 January 1958) (50 kb PDF)

Sentinel [Solid ICBM] Force Requirements (29 January 1958) (71 kb PDF)

Air Force Ballistic Missile Objectives (10 February 1958) (169 kb PDF)

ICBM Force Objectives (21 February 1958) (59 kb PDF)

Rationale for Concurrent Development of Titan ICC Force and Minuteman System (20 March 1958) (83 kb PDF)

Minuteman Warhead and Re-Entry Vehicles (28 May 1958) (107 kb PDF)

USAF Commander's Conference (10 June 1958) (177~ KB PDF)

Memorandum on Future Strategic Forces (12 June 1958) (95 KB PDF)

Ballistic Missile Program Planning Information [Has only Minuteman] (29 August 1958) (125 kb PDF)

Cancellation of the Light Minuteman Re-entry Vehicle (9 December 1958) (61 kb PDF)

Light Re-entry Vehicle for Minuteman (27 February 1959) (52 kb PDF)

Memorandum concerning SAC Airborne Alert Plan (31 March 1959) (28~ kb PDF)

Memorandum on SAC Dispersal (7 April 1959) (35~ KB PDF)

Rocket Powered Strategic Air-to-Surface Missile (GAM-87A) (7 October 1959) (182 kb PDF)

Minuteman Recycle Capability (2 August 1960) (65~ kb PDF)

AFSC Annual Progress Report to Chief of Staff, USAF, for MINUTEMAN (19 July 1961) (73 kb PDF)

SAC Force Level Proposal; FY62-66 (2 March 1962) (43 KB PDF)

GAM-87A Skybolt Production Program Memo (31 August 1962) (64 KB PDF)

[SAC] Missile Items (17 January 1964) (250 kb PDF)

Memorandums on Multiple Warheads (8 July 1964) (64 kb PDF)

Related to Air Defense

Memorandum authorizing Atomic Weapons for defense of CONUS (11 December 1956) (36 KB PDF)

ADC Aerospace Objectives 1965 – 1975 (21 December 1960) (230~ kb PDF)

USAF Operational Requirements/Concepts for Weapons Systems

GOR 161: SRBM (18 July 1957) (164 kb PDF)

GOR 171: ICBM (6 August 1958) (136 kb PDF)

Preliminary Operational Concept (POC) for Minuteman (8 April 1958) (275 kb PDF)

Quantitative Operational Requirement for a Tactical Ballistic Missile (18 July 1958) (131 kb PDF)

USAF Historical Studies

The Air Force and Strategic Deterrence 1951-1960 (4.6 MB PDF)

Guide to Air Force Historical Literature 1943-1983 (1985) (21.47~ MB PDF)

Seventy-Five Years of Inflight Refueling Highlights, 1923-1998 (1998) (289~ kb PDF)

Encyclopedia of US Air Force Aircraft and Missile Systems

Volume 1: Fighters – 1945-1973 (Split HTML) (Full HTML) (20.7 MB PDF)

USAF Ballistic Missile Program Histories

USAF Ballistic Missiles [Programs] 1958-1959 (3.4 MB PDF)
USAF Ballistic Missile Programs 1962-1964 (7.5 MB PDF)
USAF Ballistic Missile Programs 1964-1966 (5 MB PDF)
USAF Ballistic Missile Programs 1967-1968 (7.4 MB PDF)
USAF Ballistic Missile Programs 1969-1970 (5.4 MB PDF)

Strategic Air Command Historical Documents

Historical Study #61: The Strategic Air Command, A Chronological History 1946-1956 (Partial copy; only goes up to 1948 and is missing 25 pages on recon ops in the 1940s) (6.6 MB PDF)

Excerpts from Headquarters, Strategic Air Command's History for 1961 (Full Document is a 6.5 MB PDF)

S.A.C. Missile Chronology 1939-1988 (18.3 MB PDF)

The Development of SAC: 1946-1986 (The Fortieth Anniversary History) (16 MB Webpage!) (86.8 MB PDF)

Seventy Years of Strategic Air Refueling 1918-1988: A Chronology (5.5 MB PDF)

SAC's Fighter Planes and Their Operations (7.34 MB PDF)

SAC: Unit Mission and History Summaries (1988) (44.2 MB PDF)

SAC and the Alert Program: A Brief History (16.3 MB PDF)

Alert Operations and the Strategic Air Command, 1957 – 1991 (10.5 MB PDF)

U.S. Navy (USN)

Proposed Plan for Atomic Bomb Test Against Naval Vessels (January 1946) (365~ KB PDF)

Memorandum from W.S. Parsons on Dinner with General LeMay (8 November 1948) (105~ kb PDF)

The Tenets of Naval War Planning (18 April 1949) (774~ KB PDF)

Storage of Non-nuclear Components of Atomic Bombs in CVB Class Carriers (1 May 1951) (57 kb PDF)

Memo OP-36C - Briefing given to the representatives of all services at SAC Headquarters, Offutt Air Force Base, Omaha, on 15 March, 1954 (March 18, 1954)

Preliminary Views on POLARIS in Relation to Recent Events (24 October 1956) (233~ KB PDF)

Cost Effectiveness of POLARIS vs. MINUTEMAN (Assuming same target system, CEP and Yield) (5 December 1958) (857 kb PDF)

CNO Memorandum on Minuteman (27 March 1959) (248 KB PDF)

Army participation in the NSTL/SIOP (1 November 1960) (119~ KB PDF)

SP REPORT NO. 008800.1: A comparison of the POLARIS and hardened and dispersed MINUTEMAN Weapons Systems (January 1961) (967 kb PDF)

CINCPAC OPLAN 1-61 – General War Plan (26 January 1961) (294~ KB PDF)

Memorandum on CVAs in SIOP role (“Cannot Out-SAC SAC”) (13 March 1961) (74~ kb PDF)

Excerpts of Proceedings of the Special Projects Office Task II - Monitor and Sponsor the Fleet Ballistic Missile Development Program, 29th Meeting (18 and 19 January 1962) (1.21 MB PDF Excerpt)

Excerpts of Proceedings of the Special Projects Office: Task II - Monitor and Sponsor the Fleet Ballistic Missile Development Program, 36th Meeting (21 and 22 March 1963) (5.43 MB PDF – the PDF has everything; the HTML is just interesting excerpts.)

Excerpts of Proceedings of the Special Projects Office Task II - Monitor the Fleet Ballistic Missile Development Program, 45th Meeting (30 Sep 1964 and 1 Oct 1964) (451 kb PDF Excerpt)

Fleet Ballistic Missile Strategic Systems Projects (SSP) Program History (1978?)

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)


French Request for Data on the Locations of Soviet Missile Sites (6 August 1974) (74 KB PDF)

Data on Division of Indian Armed Forces in Partition (19 March 1959) (1.8 MB PDF)

Intelligence Estimates

ORE 3/1: Soviet capabilities for the development and production of certain types of weapons and equipment (31 October 1946) (343~ kb PDF)

ORE 51-49: Soviet Control Mechanism in Germany (26 May 1949) (672~ kb PDF)

ORE 91-49: Estimate of the effects of the Soviet possession of the Atomic Bomb upon the security of the United States and upon the probabilities of direct Soviet military action (6 April 1950) (15.1~ MB PDF)

ORE 32-50: The effect of the Soviet possession of Atomic Bombs on the security of the United States (9 June 1950) (357~ kb PDF)

NIE 3: Soviet Capabilities and Intentions (15 November 1950) (2~ MB PDF)

NIE 18: The probability of Soviet employment of BW and CW in the event of attacks upon the US (10 January 1951) (835~ kb PDF)

NIE 31: Soviet capabilities for clandestine attack against the US with weapons of mass destruction and the vulnerability of the US to such attack (mid-1951 to mid-1952) (4 September 1951) (4.7~ MB PDF)

SE 10: Soviet capabilities for a surprise attack on the Continental United States before July 1952 (15 September 1951) (944~ kb PDF)

NIE 100-7-58: Sino-Soviet and Free World Reactions to US use of Nuclear Weapons in Limited Wars in the Far East (22 July 1958) (604 KB PDF)

SNIE 11-55-66 Reliability of the USSR’s East European Allies (4 August 1966) (722~ kb PDF)

NIE 11-5-60 Soviet Capabilities in Guided Missiles and Space Vehicles (May 1960) (1.8 MB PDF)

NIE 11-8-61: Soviet Capabilities for Long Range Attack (Excerpt Only) (7 June 1961)

NIE 11-3-68: Soviet Strategic Air and Missile Defenses (31 October 1968) (1.5 MB PDF)

SR IH 69-2: Soviet Guided Missiles (May 1969) (2.57~ MB PDF)

NIE 11-14-85/D: Trends and Developments in Warsaw Pact Theater Forces, 1985-2000 (Excerpt Only) (September 1985)

U.S. President (Executive Office of)

Truman’s Memorandum to General MacArthur Informing him of his Relief (65~ kb GIF)

Information Packet on the 280mm “Atomic Cannon” (1952) (2.1 MB PDF)

Development of Long-Range Guided Missiles 1945-1959 (1~ MB PDF)

NATO Nuclear Stockpile (Release of) (19 September 1958) (2.6~ MB PDF)

President's Science Advisory Committee

The Skybolt Air-Launched Ballistic Missile Program (12 July 1960) (414 kb PDF)

The Ballistic Missiles Panel

Whither Ballistic Missile Systems? (4 March 1958) (429 kb PDF)

Bureau of the Budget

Comparative costs of MINUTEMAN and POLARIS (12 May 1960) (376 kb PDF)

Memorandums for the Record

SAC Dispersion (7 April 1959) (59 kb PDF)

Memorandums to the President

SAC Concentration in U.S. and Reaction Time (as of above date) (25 October 1957) (52 kb PDF)

Consequences of Thermonuclear War Under Various Conditions of Outbreak (28 October 1961) (250 kb PDF)

U.S. Department of State

Memorandum on Strategic Air Command Exercise "HEADSTART" (13 September 1958) (51 KB PDF)

Telegram on German Nuclear Capabilities (20 December 1958) (84~ kb PDF)

Memorandum of Conversation – Basic National Security Policy (2 July 1959) (305 KB PDF)

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)

AEC/DOD Memorandum of Understanding for the Transfer of Atomic Weapons (4 May 1956) (138~ kb PDF)

AEC View of Nuclear Targeting (14 February 1957) (191~ kb PDF)

DP-0137: Plutonium: The First 50 Years – United States Plutonium Production, Acquisition, and Utilization from 1944 through 1994 (5~ MB PDF)

Virtual Nuclear Weapons by Joseph Pilat (1.8~ MB PDF)

News Agency Articles

Deadly Hound Dog Joins SAC's Arsenal (20 March 1960) (430~ kb JPG)