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Achtung Panzer!

One of the oldest and deepest websites on the internet related to German Panzers.

Joe Baugher's Home Page

His “American Military Aircraft” section is one of the finest collection of articles on aviation on the internet. Highly recommended.

Russian Battlefield

A very excellent website on the various technical aspects of Russian military equipment in WWII.

World War II Warbirds by Francis Bonne

A excellent aviation website, which concentrates on a whole breadth of aircraft from WW2.

Pop-up infested though.

Luft '46

Comprehensive website on all the German “Napkinwaffe” Paper Projects during WW2.

Anthony G. Williams' Website

Author of many books on cannon, machineguns, etc; his website is a good supplement to those books.


Website based around gathering as many primary source documents from World War II as possible. Extensive online collection of US Government official histories.

Perry-Castañeda Map Collection
An excellent collection of maps for the entire world at the University of Texas.

Hikoki: 1946

Website covering the experimental aircraft of the IJN and IJA.

Lemairesoft's WWII Encyclopedia

A good reference site covering the aircraft, ships, tanks, and guns of World War II.

Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships Online

Published in nine volumes (from 1959 to 1991), DANFS gives histories for virtually every US naval vessel.

This online version is at Haze Gray.

Haze Gray and Underway

Naval Photography and History Website. Has been around for quite a while.

Designation Systems.Net

Comprehensively covers virtually all US Missiles from the 40s to Present Day.

Armored Warfare Prior to 1946

Just what it says. Covers just about everyone, not just the five big powers of WWII.

U.S. Maritime Commission: 1936 through 1950

Shipbuilding under the US Maritime Commission, with a lot of detailed drawings and statistics.

The Coast Defense Study Group

A group devoted to studying US Coastal Defense. They sell a quite significant quantity of digital copies of original documents from their store.

United States Army Insignia

Covers the Army's insignia from the beginning to the present.

Da Font

A Freeware Font Website with minimal pop ups and a decently large collection of fonts.

US Army Patches

Website detailing just about every Army Patch made, with scans of them.

Ship Scribe

Stephen S. Robert's website.
A continuation of his work done for Register of Ships of the U.S. Navy 1775-1990: Major Combatants.
The website contains:
Register of Ships of the U.S. Navy: Auxiliary Vessels 1922-1945
Steel Shipbuilding under the U. S. Shipping Board, 1917-1921
French Navy Ships, 1816-1859: From Sail to Steam

UNT Digital Library Link

University of North Texas Digital Archives

(280~ US Propaganda Posters)

David Dickson

David Dickson’s IJN Page
(has a lot of IJN information)

Government Archives





National Archive, Kew

The British National Archives. A lot of stuff is now available as downloadable PDFs.

Naval Historical Center (USN)

The US Navy's official historical site. Very large and comprehensive, especially their photograph section.

National Archives

The United States' National Archives. Not much is available online; mainly a starting point for your own research at their locations.

Combined Arms Research Library (USA)

The US Army's Combined Arms Research Library at Leavenworth. Has a very large and extensive PDF collection of operational documents and historic field manuals.

Defense Technical Information Center (DOD)

Contains in it's archives many PDF files relating to various technical aspects of military equipment. Worth a look every once in a while.

US Army Heritage and Education Center (USA)

The US Army's Heritage center at Carlisle. In the Research Catalog are large amounts of PDFed documents from various time periods.

Air Force History Index

Privately run website which maintains its own index of 550,000 documents that the Air Force Historical Research Agency has,

Liberated Manuals

Has a significant number of military manuals in freely downloadable form. Created solely to ‘liberate’ manuals from unscrupulous CD-ROM sites which dominate google rankings.

Air Force Historical Research Agency (Old / New Site)

Mainly concerns itself with unit lineages, and miscellaneous other things. Still worth visiting.

Air Force History Office

The USAF's History Office publishes many books on USAF heritage, which are available online.

DOE OpenNet

Archive of Declassified documents by the Department of Energy, which controls US Nuclear Weapons production.

U.S. Naval Vessel Register

Gives you relevant information on any ship the US Navy has owned since about World War II.

Farm Security Administration-Office of War Information Collection

A significant number of the color photographs concern the mobilization effort for World War II and portray aircraft manufacturing, military training, and the nation's railroads.

Damage Control Museum (USN)

U.S. Navy Naval Sea Systems Command's Online Virtual Damage Control Museum

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System (National Park Service)

Very comprehensive list maintained by the NPS of Civil War Era records on Soldiers, Sailors, Regiments, Cemeteries, Prisoners, Medals of Honor, and National Parks.

U.S. Space & Rocket Center Archives

Semi-Governmental Museum and Foundation funded by the State of Alabama. Holds a lot of Marshall Spaceflight Center stuff online in PDF format.

U.S. Army In World War II Series
(The Green Books)

U.S. Army “Green Book” Series, available online in HTML/PDF format.

Military Gaming





Matrix Games

The 500 pound gorilla of computer wargaming. Their line-up of games is very comprehensive, covering all spectrums from ancient to modern.

Avalanche Press

Developers of actual cardboard pen and paper wargames with very good artwork.

Shrapnel Games

A smaller tier computer wargaming company.

Sub Sim

Subsim is the best site for any submarine related game, from Silent Hunter III/IV, Dangerous Waters, etc.


A Silent Hunter I/IV themed website. Has the most comprehensive online information available for the original Silent Hunter I.

The Blitzkrieg Wargaming Club

Concentrates on PBEM play for wargames.


Fred Prado's page on Wargame Construction Set II: TANKS! and how to get it running in DOSBOX, files etc.

General Gaming Links
X-COM UFO Defense

One of the internet's main X-COM Pages, with a large amount of files for all three of the main turn-based games in the series (UFO/TFTD/APOC)

X-COM Util Homepage

Highly useful utility/editor for UFO/TFTD.

Open-Source/Freeware Games
(that are worth something)
Flight Gear

Open Source Flight Simulator.

Open TTD

Open Source Remake of Transport Tycoon Deluxe.

Discussion Forums






Armor-themed message board.

Secret Projects

Covers a wide variety of “what if” projects from a variety of disciplines. Many published authors post there.






What If

What If Modellers – Based around Speculative Modelling of all types (air, land, ship).


One of the best AFV modelling websites on the internet.

Steel Navy

One of the best warship modelling websites on the internet.


Devoted to drawing pixel art of various military equipment. Be warned though, they exaggerate height by about 20%.






Star Destroyer Net

Heavily Sci Fi-themed message board. One of my main hangouts.

Cute Overload



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